At a complete loss


I'm wondering if some one could shed any light or had anything similar? 

I had a very heavy bleed August 2014 which was put down to a suspected miscarriage. From then on I had mid cycle bleeding and bleeding after intercourse. I returned to GP who gave me northis terrine to stop bleeding and after going back and forth being prescribed iron etc she finally referred me to Gynae! this was Nov 2014. 

I went armed with details of my bleeding and the consultant had a look at my cervix and said it was fine no smear as I wasn't due one and just took a biopsy of lining of womb and said I had abnormal bleeding and offered me various treatments, coil, depo or ablation or hysterectomy. As ttc these were not options at that time I was just so relieved to hear that everything was normal. I also attended the breast clinic for a lump and after 2 needle biopsy that was benign too,

my symptoms persisted and although my periods settled I suffered from extreme bloating, weird periods, heavy ones causing more prescriptions of Northisterone. GP incr.eased my iron and ive lost count how many times I've sat in my GP's in tears with it all back and forth. The post coital bleeding is so bad it's like a slaughter on some occasions Getting worse. I've had numerous swabs for unusual discharge for infections all coming back clear too

Anyhow smear was due which I never miss and also due to my ongoing bleeding issues I went str8 away. This came back showing low grade dyskariosis and high risk hpv infection. I've now convinced myself I have advanced cc due to my symptoms the bleeding post coital heavy bleeding Weird discharge lower back pain bloating wanting to pee more often and to make matters worse I am now passing blood in my stools. Beside myself with worry. thinking could the consultant of missed something in November? 

I ended up paying private and had my colposcopy done on Tuesday with a lot of biopsies taken as it was going to be 2 weeks. I now have a 2 week wait for results. Anyone out there had similar symptoms and would like to share their experiences

Hi Chezza and welcome :), to start with the fact that your smear test come back as low grade abnormalities that is a very good sign. I was diagnosed with stage 2b adenocarcinoma of the cervix last year, my symptoms on the lead up to that were post coital bleeding not just a little but on a few ocassions like someone had been murdered, I had pain in my legs, my periods were different, and I was having a thick glupey discharge although this may have something to do with my cancer originating from glandular cells. I waited two weeks for my results after a lletx as original biopsies came back inconclusive for cancer (couldnt rule out it under lying). Loads of women experience all different symptoms, and they are not cervical cancer related, id take your smear results as a very good sign. The two week wait is the worst part because you cant help but let your mind run wild but focus on what you do know right now.


Take Care,


Thank you for you reply Charlene I really appreciate it. My mind is definitely running wild with all sorts as like you say post coital bleeding is like a murder scene! 

im feeling like I've been ignored for the past ten months and its taken a smear that's abnormal for them to act. I'm worried bout the high risk positive HPV too. Does that mean it can be aggressive for changes? 

The two week wait is very hard. I can relate to the glupey discharge. I've lost count of how many swabs they've taken all coming back negative for infection. 

Is it possible for low grade smear  to come back high or cc from biopsies? Sorry for all of the questions. 

I hope you are now well :-) hugs and thank you for your respouse it means so much xx


Just to let you know I had a borderline + high risk HPV smear result, but biopsies came back CIN2. I don't think they always get enough of a sample on the smear to be 100% sure, whereas the biopsy gives them a good sample to analyse.

So yes, it is possible it'll come back at a higher grade than the original smear result.

Hope that helps!




Thank you Elise. I had my first lot of biopsies done on 02.06.15 which I paid private for only to come back inadequate. I've now had them done again last Monday and awaiting results. Besides myself with worry due to having so many symptoms for nearly a year. 

Hi Chezza, 

I hope you get some answers very soon.  My biopsy results only took a week to come back so may be worth chasing. 

Best of luck

Rachel x