Has anyone been in the same boat?

Hi everyone, 

I am a first time poster. I have been through the mill a little for the last few months. 

I have been bleeding everyday for the last 17 weeks, with terrible discharge which changes in colour each day. I’ve had 3 terrible floods, in which I’ve gushed blood through my trousers into my shoes and nearly passed out. 

I have seen 2 GPs who have both given me internal exams and said I have cervical erosion. I have also had a ultrasound scan which has showed that I have a very thick endometrium. I am currently taking transamic acid and northepros... (something) to stop my bleeding but my symptoms persist! I am so drained, I have a 2 year old and a husband and I am just am so down worrying about everything!

I have been urgently referred to a gynaecologist next Monday My GP thinks I need a hysteroscopy to have a look inside and see what happening. I believe I’ll also be having a smear test on Monday as I haven’t yet had one, although I am bleeding so much I don’t know if if will be possible.

I know my body and I am so worried that there is something sinister is going on. Has anyone had similar symptoms? Am I over reacting or should I be concerned? (I’m 26 years old)

Thanks for reading- M x