symptoms. am so scared!!!

Hi everyone. Been reading a lot on the forums to try make sense of my symptoms.
Started over 2 months ago with old brown blood discharge as the weeks went on it went to red spotting to little bleeds between periods.
My periods r like clock work every month. 3 days light bleeding pain on 1st day.
After xmas i bled after intercourse bright red. I thought it was time to ask for a smear test were i was told i couldnt have one because i wasnt due one until june.
Nurse checked my cervix said there was an erosion but wasnt 100%. This was the start of jan.
25th of jan i startin bleeding so heavy pains were horrendous. I went my gp explained everything she gave me tabs to ease the the bleeding and referred me to rapid access clinic were ill be going this tuesday.
Since i started bleeding things have got worse. Severe pain, back ache sleepin whenever i get a chance. Bleeding has eased to pinky/red watery blood but when i do a number 2 i bleed more.

My head is all over the place. I would be so grateful for some advice. Thank you inadvance

Hi there i have had a similar experience. Irregular bleeding last Feb, April and July. In July i saw the nurse who identified an erosion who referred me for treatment. They are very common and treatment isn't too uncomfortable. How are your periods because dark blood sounds like it hasn't come away previously, which is like me sometimes. I have also bled more with bowel movement. My periods haven't been right since last July, i don't think the stress has helped. I also had backache, which i linked to my bleeding. It turned out to be muscular and i have had physio. If they take biopsies, don't be alarmed, it is very routine. Wishing you all the very best for your appointment. The fact that your previous smears have been ok? Is good. Mine isn't due til this Nov, however if you are booked in for a colposcopy, it is more thorough than a smear anyway. The nurse is probably right in saying she thinks it is an erosion, they never want to be 100% sure because they are only looking at cervix with a speculum, they will get a more detailed look in the clinic x

Hiya thank you for ur reply. My periods have been regular since i had my second child nearly 2 years ago. Never a problem with them. Am on day 13 of bleeding and pain. The noristhiterone have only made the bleeding lighter. I was red flagged an got an appointment straight away. I feel calmer today knowing i am going tomorrow an will finally have some answers. My last smear was 3 years ago it was my first one. I will post tomorrow with how i got on. Thank u again for your reply xx