Hi, so I've already have a smear which shown borderline +hpv. 

Had colposcopy and biopsy of abnormal  tissue ust waiting results. 

anyway, I wanna ask about symptoms. I have had inbetween bleeding, bleeding during and after sex. Discharge.. 

I've just started back running, nothing strenuous, a gentle jog,  however I started bleeding during my run. It stopped a few hours after.. did anyone have this as a symptom? Or is it possibly something completely different and not linked with my cervix. 

Thank you 

May 2017  borderline smear +hpv 

June 2017 colposcopy- no treatment but 3 biopsy  taken 

Waiting results. 


Symptoms - GP not investigating

Hi everybody

Im currently feeling very scared writing this but I built the courage up to come on and ask the questions I need to as I dont even feel the GP is listening :(

So here goes, to cut a long story short


  • Irregular bleeding
  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse (Everytime) not just spots sets of a period which will last upto a week or longer
  • Discharge - Brown (like you get before the start of period)
  • Lethargic and tired
  • Lower abdominal pain now and again but almost always a lingering back ache
  • Unable to where tampons as they make the bleeding worse

So I have visited the GP more times than I can even remember, After months of asking they refered me to Gyni, but beacuse I was only 23 at the time they would let me have a smear test and diagnosed me with suspected endometritis. Waited two years to get a date for surgery which I was unable to have due to falling pregnant with daughter. Symtoms continued after birth. I returned to GP who completed a smear test as I was now 25. They also reffered me back to Gyni. Smear come back clear (although I had my concerns as the nurse said she found it difficult to get cells and hoped there was enough there). Gyni scrapped the idea of endometritis and said I had inside out cervixs. They corterised them and fitted a marina coil. 6 months on and I still have the exact same symptoms which by now are proving to worsen as the weeks go on.


I currently am unable to gain private healthcare due to financial reasons which I wish I could to get answers and the GP wont even refer me back to Gyni :(


Im so worried something is occuring inside me and I feel powerless to gain help.


What can I do? How can I make them re smear me and do further investigation. I have a gut feeling something just really isnt right :(


I have two children and cant bear the fault that there mummy could be unwell and no one is helping me to answer the questions of why I have these symtoms. Fingers crossed the C word is not happening but its in my thoughts.

Has anyone else had a fight with GP the get answers?


Cherie x



Have y’all figured anything out??