Smear Test Results

Hi All,

New to the forum here, I've heard you are all very supportive so thought i would join.

I have recently had my smear test and had my results come back as borderline changed and have tested positive for HPV. I now need to attend a colposcopy.

I am really worried as I have been experiencing lower pelvic & abdominal pain for around a month now, but the doctor have told me this is IBS but I am not convinced.

I also had very slight bleeding this week, this is the first time I have had any abnormal bleeding, it's a very tiny amount but it still really worries me.

I am due to go to my Colposcopy on Monday 9th Feb, as you can imagine I am worried sick that is could be something worse, even thou the doctor has told me its bordeline changes, it's still playing on my mind!!

This is my second smear test and my previous test 3 years ago came back normal.

Any advice would be much help.


Sarah Embarassed

Hi don't worry at all. I'm also HPV+ and low grade changes which is one step further than borderline. Usually borderline changes go away by themselves without treatment

You should still attend your colposcopy though! When is it? Mine is feb 16 we could support eachother through it if you like 

Mine is 9th Feb :)

It's just worried me this week I had a tiny bit of bleeding, Monday I was a mess when it happened and now I keep thinking the worse!
Have you have any symptoms?

Yes, over the years I've had many symptoms like pain during sex, spotting during sex, lower back pain, pelvic pain, discharge etc but I had those even when my smears were normal. Please try not to worry! My doctor assured me borderline and low grade are not serious, just need monitoring IN CASE in the future it turns bad. If you have Facebook add me? We can chat :-) my name is Alizee Marine

I'm trying not to get myself worked up, some days I will go and not think about it, but like today as I have the pain again it is woryying me!!


Distract yourself! Read, go for a walk, see friends, take a hot bath etc? Keep me posted. You're lucky yours is before mine! I'm sure you'll do fine! Maybe our symptoms are psychosomatic?

Well we are going the theatre this weekend and have a few things planned, so hopefully this will take my mind off things.

When I went to see my doctor on Monday she checked my results for me and just said its borderline and not to worry, if im worried and stressed this could what be causing the slight abnormal bleeding.

I will try and find you on Facebook :) x

Hi Sarah

I had a high grade (severe) result and had some spotting after sex, a few stabbing pains, I convinced myself I had other symptoms too but it turned out to be just CIN3, which they believe they have successfully removed.

I know it is easy to say but try not to think the worst. I really thought symptoms + abnormal result = cc but I am very happy to be proved wrong :D

Your colposcopy will be fine, like a smear with a few more people in the room (you will have a nice nurse up the pretty end to keep you entertained and some one at the lower end having a look around and applying a few solutions) they will be able to give you a good idea of how low/high grade the changes are. It takes a long long time for changes to turn to cancer, if they ever do. 

You are going to be just fine


Thank you for your message, it's really re assuring I'm not going through this alone.

I keep thinking stop being so stupid and thinking like I am, but i guess we all do if we have results come back which arent normal.

Not looking forward to the Colposcopy but I'll be glad to have it done to put my mind at rest


hi evryone my name is charlotte

i recently had my first smear just turning 25 and my results came back borderline and high risk of HPV it kinda got me really worried and have my colposcopy on the 10th of feb part of me wants to go but the other half me is really worried. do they tell you anythink when your ther like any results or anythink :/ i have bad anxiety of medical stuff like pain relief and medicen etc so im just hoping nothink come of it but i also want to get better if i have the big C or hpv etc as i am a single mother with my daughter of 4  .. not really looking forward to myself  were not all alone :)

goog luck everyone  x



Hi Lottie,

You sound very similair situation to myself. I havent been told I am high risk of HPV just that I have tested positive for it. I have my Colposcopy on the 9th so the day before you.

So much stuff has been going through my head, and every twing or ache I feel I am convinced it's something worse, but I'm trying to stay relaxed and calm.

I see it as if there was anything major it would come back worse that borderline.

Keep us updated :) x

hi sarah

i have that to with all sorts all i no is i have had pains in sex in the past and have had scans on my ovaries in the past but they have founds systs at times, but no doctor or hopitals could find anythink wrong so been coping with it for a long time, but thats the only thing that if anything that comes it. so but nervous but want to no at the same time. but have bad anxiety of medicen but i have read storys of other women saying ther borderline and have results back sayin the big C but bit worried ..

i have tried to stay calm and relax suppose i have to be i am moving house as well so got alot going on to keep my mind occupied

yeah i saw was yours was the 9th good luck hun keep us updated as well :) x


Update on how I got on is on the Colposcopy page