Severe dyskariosis - in a panic!

Hi - I'm completely new to online forums but have found this site do helpful already.

I had a smear test 12 months ago which came back completely normal and so put it to the back if my mind and got on with ttc baby no 2.

However, a couple of months ago I started getting a v unusual watery discharge which definitely didn't feel right. I visited my gp several times and each time was told that I had an infection and prescribed antibiotics - it turns out that I never had any tests come back as showing any kind of infection.

I questioned whether I should have another smear test because something just didn't feel right but was told that a) I couldn't have one done on the nhs and b) things don't change that quickly.

I wasn't convinced so took myself off and had a smear test done privately. Well thank goodness I did as it turns out I have severely abnormal cells.

Have worried myself stupid over the last couple of weeks and although I have an app for the colposcopy tomorrow, just wondered whether anyone had experienced anything similar?

I'mguessing that the smear last year must have been wrong but I'm so worried that the discharge I'm having is listed everywhere as a symptom of cervical cancer.

I know I don't have long to wait until I at least get the first stage out of the way but if anyone has any thoughts or can say anything that might help me eat/sleep that would be hugely appreciated!

It's such a frightening time!

Hi SunnyDaisy,

I'm glad you've found Jo's, as you've said it's a brilliant place to learn from everyone's experiences and I find it very helpful in keeping me sane :)

I've not experienced your situation but I didn't want to read and not reply! I think you're fab for trusting your instincts and although it sucks you've had to go private to find out some answers at least you're in the system and will be treated as soon as possible now.

I had a bit of unusual spotting (I'm on the pill, have been for ages, and I've never been a spotter) before I went for my smear (which came back moderate dysk) and unusual spotting is one of the signs of CC, but it can also be lots of other things (stress, hormones, just generally being a woman - joy!). I guess I'm trying to reassure you a bit that although your discharge is unusual it could be down to loads of things. I know that having your smear come back with severe changed will worry you and bring you to expect the worst but try your best not too (although much easier said than done) and try and take comfort that you are in the system and action is being taken x x x x x

I understand what you are going through. When I had my last pap that came back with high grade changes and was told I had strange things on my cervix (one doctor said ulcers, another said ectropian and the gyn finally said nebothian cysts) I was panick stricken, too. I had my colposcopy, where the gyn didn't even take biopsies because he said the area of abnormality was so large, he would just go straight for the LLETZ.


I had the LLETZ a few weeks later, and although the margins didn't come back clear, the gyn said I was almost certainly completely cured as the electrical effect of the LLETZ went deeper than the margins. He also stressed that I had NOT had cancer, just high grade precancer. It turned out that he was right that I was completely cured. I had a hysterectomy a couple of months after the LLETZ for unrelated reasons, and the pathology results came back that there were no abnormal cells on or in my cervix.


For about 6 months before my pap, I had noticed that the normal discharge I got was heavier and my knickers would get excessively "crusty" (sorry, gross, I know, but that's how it was). I really don't know if that was caused by the changes in my cervix, the nebothian cysts, the polyp I had in my uterus, the fibroids I had growing both inside and outside my uterus, or the multiple cysts I had on both of my ovaries. All of these things were going on inside of me and all my results have come back clear with no cancer.


So, as you can see, there can be a lot of harmless things that can cause discharge, etc. I know it's hard not to worry, but getting yourself all work up won't do you any good. All the stress in the world right now will not change the eventual outcome in the tiniest little bit. Try and keep your mind occupied so you aren't constantly dwelling on what might be. It's a horrible roller coaster ride and all the waiting and not knowing can be hell, but hang in there. You will get through this *hugz*

Thank you both so much for taking the time to reply.

I had my appointment yesterday and feel slightly happier about life!  The consultant who performed the colposcopy was so lovely and did his best to stop me from turning into a nervous wreck.  He took a biopsy yesterday and I have to go back for treatment in a couple of weeks.  Was really hoping to get it all over and done with at the same time but apparently he likes to be 100% sure that having LEETZ is absolutely necessary - which it will be as he thought the abnormality looked high grade.  I think he was just running so late with his clinic that he wanted me to go back when he had more time!  Still, I feel much better for having at least been seen by someone who sees this day in day out and was able to give me a little reassurance.

I don't think that I'll relax until the biopsy results are back and I've had the treatment but I'm going to try and stay away from google, which has definitely not been my friend over the last couple of weeks, and not worry so much.  So hard to stop researching once you've started but nine times out of ten, people usually only post on wider forums when things don't go right and then all you get to read about is the worst case scenarios!  Thankfully this forum is full of people who come back and tell people that things usually aren't as bad as they might first appear which is fantastic.

Thanks again ladies x x

Daisy, you are so right. You can get a very skewed view of things from these forums, even though they are fantastic for information and support. The vast majority of people who come on here end up having no further problems after their treatment, get on with their lives, and we never hear from them again. The people who do come back are most often the people who are in the unhappy minority who have ongoing problems. Here's hoping you fit into the majority group. The odds are on your side!


I am also new to online forums but when I saw the title of this post, I had to comment as it could have been me writing it!

I had the results of my smear test back 2 days ago, severe diskaryosis too and I am also in a panic!

I have had a 'hunch' for the last 8 months that things just aren't right. I gave birth 11 months ago, and after the usual post partum bleeding had stopped, I had occasional spotting. My periods have also been heavier than usual. And they started again 4 months after having my baby (unusual when I was exclusively breastfeeding)

Repeated visits to my GP and I was told it was my hormones. She put me on the cerrazette pill which I took for 6 weeks before I stopped taking it due to it making me VERY moody!! :-/ after stopping it, I bled 2 days later for a few days. And then had a 'period?" 2 weeks later.

And now, because of the the past few months and the results of my smear test, I am panicking and thinking the worst!! :-(

Hi Ladies


Whilst noone can say - dont worry or tell you everything will be ok, liklihood it will just be severe changes which can be easily treated.

At my smear they said I had visible abnormalities, and I also bled when they look it. I got in a massive panic but turned out it was CIN3 and now its all been removed.

You will keep worrying until everything is sorted out but at least now you are on the pathway to treatment


Take care


Cat x 

hi all,

i'm not quite sure if i am writing in the right part of this page as i am new to this, i am only 24 and have just had my smear test done a little earlier than normal as i have just had my coil fitted, so glad i did now as i recieved my results back and have been told i have got severe dyskarosis :( as you can imagine i am absolutley petrified, when i spoke to the nurse who did my smear test and spoke to me about my results she said that she was shocked to see someone of my age with this which has sent me into panic mode. has anyone else had this so young and i really feel at a loss and am very frigtened of going for the colposcopy as i am dreading the out come :( xxx

HI Katie,

I can't stay long but wanted to reply quickly - feel free to PM me if you want too :) please try not to worry too much - i think your nurse has been a bit irresponsible here - yes statistically it's unusual, but my first smear showed moderate dysk. and my friend (also first smear) was severe so it happens more often than your nurse seems to think! You're in the perfect place for talking about this though - Jo's is brilliant and really helped me cope :) 

I have to go now (normally I would write a right speech!) but I'm sue other ladies will be able to offer more words of comfort and support and as I said - feel free to PM me about anything and I'll reply tomorrow evening :) x x x x

Hi Katie,

I too had a letter telling me I had severe changes which completely panicked me! I'm 44 with two children so have been having smears for several years now, you get so used to these routine tests coming back normal that when it doesn't it's such a huge shock.

Please try not to worry, since having my letter I've made it my mission to talk to all my lady friends to ensure they are all being good girls and being screened regularly. What amazed me was just how many have been in the same boat and just how many of them went through this in their twenties, so please take some comfort in knowing you are far from being on your own there.

i had my colposcopy yesterday and after confirming I had pre cancerous cells the doctor decided to give me lletz treatment, which I was petrified about having as I find smear tests extremely painful (the doctor explained my cervix tilts upwards). He was very gentle and I felt very little discomfort and it only took a few minutes to perform. I've had very little pain since just feel a bit washed out and wobbly, probably due to the fact I had a fairly large amount of local anaesthetic. He said he felt sure my cells had not developed into cancer but obviously I will get the results within A couple of weeks or so. I'm just so relieved its all over for now!