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does anyone have any views on homeopathic treatments to ease menopause symtoms?  Myself and another Jo's ladies finished treatment at a similar time and our minds have now turned to menopause.  My consultant has told me he does not recommend HRT for me due to my tumour type (adenosquamous) as the progesterone/oestrogen could affect.  Also I know that if there is a history of breast cancer in family, advisable not to go to HRT so want to explore other options should I need to take anything to help ease symptoms in future?

Hope everyone is as well s cn be an thanks for reading



Hi Andrea,

Many many moons ago I used to work in Holland and Barratt and I seem to remember evening primrose oil being recommended for ladies with menopause - I think it helps with hot flushes. You could check their website and see if they have any info on there? but before you buy or use anything you might want to check with your doctor first, just in case.


I hope this helps a bit :) x x x 

Hi Andrea

I have recently read an article in a magazine about Karen Barber (dancing on ice) she recommended promensil (red clover)I have no idea how good/safe this is but did make a mental note to myself to check it out if it all gets too much!

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Kar47 is right - Red Clover Leaf now rings a bell too! I've just done a search on Holland and Barrat and it's come up with these: http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/categories.asp?cid=189&searchterm=menopause&rdcnt=1 (hopefully that'll work :)) x

Hi Becky and Kath,

thanks for the replies and advice.  Consultant recommended Evening Primrose and also red clover.  Someone else (non medical) said she read about black kohosh but another lady on Jo's has done some research already and we're not sure how suitable this would be either.  Am hopeful I'll not suffer too badly but want to be prepared!  My mum sailed thtough her menopause so just hope I'm the same.  I just wonder if anyone has done any research into any differences in ladies who have naturally gone through menopause and ladies who have had it brought on early by surgery or treatment...would be good to know what to expect lol!!!


Thanks again


I felt the same Andrea.

Everyone medical  keeps telling me a surgical menopause is very sudden and much worse than it happening naturally.

I am a bit older than you (47) so was maybe on my way naturally anyway but worst i have at present is a bit of a hot flush on my back occasionally (and not nesessarily at night)

Hubby is adjusting to cardi on cardi off/ fire on fire off lol

Thanks Beckycarlos too for info on red clover. I am at docs Tues and  I will ask about it as he is quite good with alternative remedies

Andrea I am sure you are aware but please be careful what you take without seeking medical advice paticularly because of the treatment you have had.

Best wishes


Soya products are good...I eat soya and linseed bread, soya yoghurts, marg and mile and also eat sunflower seeds as I'm trying to avoid HRT! Two years out of treatment, and it's working so far! xx