Adenocarcinoma and oestrogen supplements


I had treatment last year for Adenocarcinoma and am struggling with symptoms of the menopause at the moment.  I am 50.

Insomnia, hot flushes, emotional and achy joints hips etc.

I'm just interested if any women with a history of adenocarcinoma have either been presribed HRT or advised it risks re-occurence by Consultant.  I have mixed messages from my team.

Also, has anyone tried natural phyto oestrogens / soya supplements to help with a natural source of oestrogen.  I have looked at these and will ask my GP but I would appreciate anyone elses experience.

It seems some Dr's do recommend and some don't.








I was on oestrogen-only HRT for many years for glassy cell adenocarcinoma. You can't have it if you have endometrial cancer but cervical cancers are thought to be fine. Don't struggle with symptoms! If something is "natural" but has any biological oestrogen-like effect then the dangers would be just the same in any case in my view. 

I also had this type of cancer and had a RH 8 weeks ago (I am 51). I too have been having similar symptoms to yourself and saw my GP last week about HRT.  He wasn't comfortable prescribing it without first doing some research. He got back to me yesterday after speaking to various people and has said he is happy for me to have a low dosage oestrogen patch so I have decided to give it a try. 

I had 1b2 adeno. I had chemorads, no hysterectomy. I’m on combipatch. My oncologist said it was fine. 

Thank you all for replying.. I shall give it a try  : )