I think this is menopause? Any natural remedies you can recommended?

Hi ladies.  Hope your all well during this time. I had my RH 18 months ago. I'm 44 kept overies as per consultants recommendations.  I've started hsving night sweats but not every night, hot flashes (now and then) mainly body aches feeling old and moody.  I'm guessing this is the start.  Can anyone recommend any good natural remedies, tablets, herbal etc I could try?  It's mainly the aches and lack 

of energy that's really tough.     Thank you so much for any help you can give me.  Hugs. Xxx. 

I use a natural progesterone cream and peuraria mirifica. I had a consultation with a naturopath who helped a lot. Her name is Judy Evans, you can find her on the internet. She also has a private Facebook group called progesterone link support group, balancing hormones naturally. You can find info on there or post questions and get helpful answers. Good luck ?

Thank you so much hannah for your response.  Do you think my symptoms are menopause?  Can't think what else it can be.  I will certainly look her up.  Thank you again x 

Hello your menopause symptoms sound very like mine but it may be best to check with your medical team. I bought myself the book Menopause by Dr Sarah Brewer and she explains symptoms & treatments etc very well. I am now on HRT at the recommendation of my consultant & I found this a very good guide to help me to understand the pros & cons of each type. She also gives useful tips on how to deal with hot flushes etc - I hope this helps


Thank yiu will have a look at given books and fb site. 

Thank you so much Harvitt. Hope your ok. I'm sat here thinking I need to do something about this. The aching and zero energy is awful. I only got a phone consultation in April so won't be due another one for a while. Maybe my gp can help.  I'm going to invest in the books so thank you.   Do you feel HRT has had any negative impacts?    X

Hello so far my HRT has had only a positive impact. The consultant who recommended it was pleased when I had my appointment on Tuesday. I have a telephone check up with my gp next week. I started oestrogen gel & progesterone tablets just before lockdown & trans vaginal pessaries in January. I am naturally post menopausal & the risk of the pessaries is very low for me. The risk of the gel & progesterone is similar to if I drank 2 glasses of wine every day & if I only take for a year is not high risk for me. I have never been a heavy drinker; Friday & Saturday evening glass of wine with a meal. Occasional glass of wine in the week. So I've cut out wine apart from the very occasional glass. Everyone is different so it's best to check with your GP. My aching joints have improved & I have more energy although the pace of my life has slowed down a lot since lockdown. Phone your GP for a telephone consultation. You have nothing to lose and why should you suffer in silence?

I hope you feel better soon.


Hello again of course my HRT is not a natural remedy. I looked at Menopace vitamins in the pharmacy before lockdown but reading the blurb it advised to check with your GP before taking. I think there are ladies on here who have taken it. It is discussed in the book I recommended. I was very wary of trying HRT but after reading the book realised that I had had symptoms for a while and just not realised what was causing them. After considering all the pros and cons for myself I am happy with what I'm on at the moment. I took the book with me to my GP appointment in March and she was quite excited to see it as she had heard about it and how good it is. I found it useful to help me to feel in control of the situation and my decisions. 10 minute GP appointments feel quite short to me & so I've taken to writing down what I want to say in advance so that my mind doesn't go blank and I can get what I need out of the appointment. 

Hope this helps



I finished my last treatment - brachy - 2 weeks ago. 

I'm already having night sweats and flushes. Energy is low, patients even lower, no sex drive (but I do have three children)... And even the 'bean' has no sensation! 

I had a talk with a GP yesterday. They have prescribed it. But is it too soon to take as I'm only 2 weeks out of chemorads?

Hello Harvitt if I were you I would check with your GP and or hospital team to be on the safe side. Which HRT did they prescribe? I hope it works out for you


I haven't picked it up yet. Femoston. 

Hello Harvitt I just googled Femoston & it said a combination of oestrogen & progesterone in a tablet so similar to mine just in a slightly different form. As I said, best to check with your Dr about suitability after chemo rads. The reason I asked was because I thought you might have been worried about discomfort if it was a pessary & just wanted to say I don't find it uncomfortable! I just read about your Mum in a different post & wanted to send you a hug! My Mum had Alzheimer's for 15 years as well as other health problems & had to go in a home; I know how tough it is. You sound like a very caring daughter & Mum. Remember to take care of yourself too. I haven't had a hot flush or aches and pains since the HRT kicked in & don't have urgency problems going to the loo anymore. I had a breech baby 28 years ago and put my need to wee down to my pelvic floor weakness but I think it may also have been depleting oestrogen levels. I had physiotherapy a few years ago to strengthen my pelvic floor and my physio told me all women should put their feet up for 20 minutes every day to strengthen their pelvic floor all their lives - so spread the word! Before I was expecting my daughter I wasn't even aware I had a pelvic floor!!! 

You have come a long way Harvitt you owe it to yourself to have some good times now.


55, thank you. Yourve made me cry. Such a lovely and caring message. I'm going to pick my tablets up tomorrow and start taking them. I've had a few really down days this week. Tried gin, tried wine... Neither have worked so let's hope the hrt does. Thank you again xxx

You're welcome. I'm sorry I made you cry. I hope the HRT works for you xxx

Hi ladies. I hope your both keeping well. I'm calling the gp today. Im exhausted. Just not sleeping and zero energy.  My overies seem to ache and my nipples sore. Is this a symptom?  Now I'm worried it's ovarian cancer.  This whole journey is one big worry isn't it.   I've ordered the book so hopefully that will help give me some answers and make me a bit calmer about it all.   Keep safe.  Tess. X 

Hi I hope your GP appointment goes well and that the book helps you