High risk HPV is back

I had LLETZ in 2020 due to having a ‘large amount’ of high risk HPV.
I had a couple of clear smears after that but in 2022 was told that there was HPV present again. The doctor wanted to wait until my next routine smear (12 months) to see if my body was able to clear the infection on its own.
I went back Monday and it hasn’t. Still showing high risk HPV with ‘viral and abnormal cell changes’. She didn’t give me too much information there and then. They said I need to wait 6-8 weeks for the result and will most likely be referred to an MDT.
I’m interested to know has anyone been in a similar situation? What are the treatment options E.g. can you have LLETZ a second time?
I’m trying to remain as calm as possible but any advice or guidance would be appreciated! Thank you.

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hi there,

i’m sorry i couldn’t advice much, as it is my first time having hpv, but i want to send my love to you and pray that your case is not a severe one.

but for the time being, after the lletz, did you have a new partner or anything? what strain of high risk hpv is it? could it be the recent positive test is a different strain?

my advice is to talk to your gp or gynae again and to ask if it is possible to go for another lletz.

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Yes so, you can have lletz second time of course.

3 times in total and then hysterectomy cos no more cervix left.

What type of hpv strain do you have? is it a re-activation or infection with a new strain? What is your age?

Unfortunately, this is the problem with hpv, and lletz, in 10-15% the abnormal cells come back after treatment. They can come back after 2-3 years or even after 20-25 years. It is not a catholic cure.


Thank you. I don’t know what type I have other than ‘high risk’, I’ll ask next time I go into colposcopy. They didn’t want to do LLETZ again last time because I had a lot of treatment the first time and there was a lot of internal damage and scarring. I’m lucky that I already have a son and am not planning on having anymore so would rather opt for LLETZ again to get rid of the cells.

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Thank you x

perfect all sounds good to me! it is a bless you do not need any more kids and you had them already! so do not worry about anything, it will be fine and all will go well <3

Realised I didn’t answer all of your questions sorry! I’m 34 (was 32 when I had the first treatment). It’s a re-activation I don’t think it’s a new strain as I haven’t had any new sexual partners etc.
had a few abnormal smears years back when I was 20-21 but never needed treatment as it cleared on its own.

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I see. Please ask them if you have hpv 16 or 18. Those strains are notorious to come and go and there are papers stating that reactivation is somehow benign and leaves the body after 3 years. https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/208/3/403/2192562 Thus, maybe you do not need any further treatment. Try to boost your body to get rid of it. No stress, no smoking, no alcohol, no contraceptive pills, no hormones, no junk food, no BV (treat your BV if you have any), no other STIs (check up even for herpes symplex 2 since most people are asymptomatic with genital herpes). Stay in good shape and excersise a lot but not heavy lifting. Drink lots of fluids and green tea and turmeric tea and get curcumin supplements and if you have any vitamin deficciences, get those too. Vitamin C as well and drink a lot of water.


If you get second lletz, highly likely, you will be fine for a good amount of time. Worst case scenario, you do a hysterectomy at your 40ies and the story will end there forever <3

I am also getting colpofix vaginal gel but i aint sure if it will work. Try it!

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Thanks so much, really helpful advice x

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