High risk HPV?!?! :(


I had my first smear September 2014 and had LLETZ procedure under GA October 2014, after the LLETZ I got a nasty infection and was admitted to hospital for three days.

I wont go into the gory details but it was horrible.


I had my six month review two weeks ago and got my results letter back this weekend, saying they have found high risk HPV, and I have to go back for a colposcopy.

I am absolutley freaking out!


I have googled (yes I know I shouldnt) myself into an absolute frenzy.


Can anyone who has been in a similar boat put my mind at rest?


After the LLETZ and the infection it was a horrible horrible time, everytime I think about it I want to cry, and all I can think of now is that it's going to go down the same route.  (I realise the alternative would be much worse! but it still wasnt pleasant)


Sorry for the rambling


Thank you in advance <3


Hi. Some women sometimes still test positive for the HPV virus after treatment. Usually they are then called for a follow up colposcopy to ensure there are no more patches of concern. Where I live, if they can’t see anything of concern, you are then put back on the 3 yearly checks. A consultant once told me that some women need a bit more time to clear the infection. Fingers crossed for you that all is clear at colposcopy. X

Hi oldhand

Thank you so much for replying, oh I hope so.  It's the waiting around I hate, i'd rather know everything or nothing.  If that makes sense.

I think it's the words "high risk" that have me most concerned.


thank you <3


High risk hpv is a strain of the hpv virus that may cause cervical cancer. So they are aware that you have this strain and want to double check you.

It doesn't mean you have cancer or will develop it but this strain of hpv can cause changes in the cells which may lead to cancer over a long period of time. 

I also have high risk hpv, and been told I have some high grade precancerous cells but im absolutely fine, but they would like to remove them so they cant develop into anything nasty. I know I am being monitored so in the best place and know the time it takes for any kind of these cells to develop into cancer is over a very long period. I have been kept waiting since march as my biopsys came back inconclusive and have been assured my health is not at risk whilst ive been waiting, so please take some comfort in that :-) 

Hope the wait isnt too long x 

Hi PeachMelba


Thank you so much for your reply, that really does put my mind at rest.  My appointment for the colposcopy isn't until the 28th of this month, which is making me feel a bit better as it's not as rushed as last time, it can't be serious if it's not rushed...or that's what i'm trying to think.


I hope your colposcopy went okay :)