3 lletz treatments and high risk hpv

Hi I'm 29 and have had lletz treatment 3 times cin3 & cin2. My last treatment was 7 months ago and my follow up revealed high risk hpv levels. I have an app on Wednesday but am worried as during my last treatment the Doc mention lletz would not be an option again. Anyone been in this situation? Thanks in advance for advice


hopefully all will be well x reading lots on here the past few months, I have seen some ladies go on to have a cone procedure after LLETZ to remove a bigger area of cervix and some go onto trachelectomy so have a read through some of the past posts if no one replies. Use the search, I've found this very useful x

good luck xxx dons


I am really sorry that you have had to go through 3 LLETZs already, I am on the way to knowing how it feels - I have just had my second. 

I think it really depends on how much cervix they have already removed, my consultant said he had performed 4 in some cases if there was still tissue that could be removed. 

It is possible to have the high risk HPV but you may not have any changes in the cells yet. Did most recent test come back severe?

Wishing you lots of luck and sending a big hug