High grade (severe) dyskaryosis

Hi had abnormal smear result high grade (severe) dyskaryosis 2 weeks ago and had colposcopy appointment today, nurse decided to take punch biopsy and have to wait if the results come back high grade if so have to have loop biopsy! Have been told results will be 2-3 weeks!!! How many people have went onto have loop after punch biopsy??? Thanks in advance xx

Yes, I did, and I think it's quite common to be honest.  I also had severe dyskaryosis showing at the smeat test (which I think is the severity of the cell abnormalities).  They offered the loop at the first appointment, but the consultant said it was better to do the biopsies first, so they're clear about what they're dealing with, and then do the loop at the next appointment, so I had 2 punch biopsies taken on 13 Jan 2017.  The biopsies confirmed CIN3 (which is the depth of the abnormalities, as I understand it).  I then had the loop, or LLETZ on 10 Feb 2017.  The procedures are thankfully over quickly.  Do be prepared for the bleeding afterwards thought, and take care with exercise.  I've been bleeding for 10 days and have just developed pain following a little yoga and carrying heavy shopping bags, which was unexpected!

I saw some good advice yesterday (healthtalk.org) which is to avoid strenuous exercise for 2 weeks after loop, and avoid lifting or carrying heavy objects - no one told me that at the time!  You might be tired for a few days after the loop too. Give youself plenty of time and be patient with yourself. 

Sending lots of love for a swift and full recovery. xxxxxxx