First smear test results. high-grade dyskaryosis (severe)

Hi all, 

Just received my cervical screening results and it has come back with high-grade dyskaryosis (severe). Almost 25 so this was my first smear test so as you can imagine I am slightly worried. 

I have to go to for a colposcopy in 11 days and I am very nervous and have no idea what to expect.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks :)


I too was in the same position as you. I was having smears since I had my first baby I'm 26.

All my smears have been normal but in Feb I got the same result as you.

I went for Colposcopy in March, which in my opinion is a painless procedure, similar to a smear test but longer.

There is a bit of discomfort from them staining cells and stuff but nothining too sinister.

I had a punch biospy taken on the same day and after two weeks I got results that I had CIN 3.

In your position, I would go for your Colposcopy as planned and ask as many questions as you like this will reassure you.

If you have to get a biospy taken dont panic, its just to see what the cell changes that are present on your cervix are.

It doesnt mean you have cancer, but if the cells need treatment you should have peace of mind that you will get the treatment required.

Hope something I have said helps.


Best Wishes xx

Thank you so much for your comment, sometimes you just need that reassurance.

I have so many questions for them, they will be sick of me by the end of it :) 

How are things for you now, since treatment? 


what is a punch biopsy?

No problem, its reassuring to talk to others that might be in the same situation and sometimes you may even get more information by talking

to someone.

Its been 2 and a half weeks since my treatment and honestly i feel great.

Ive been lucky no side effects, no infection YET but i do believe that I heal fast.

With 2 small kids though you dont get much time to think about yourself.

@Oconnorh: A punch biopsy is when they take a biospy of the abnormal cells using an appliance quite similar to a hole puncher.

It takes a small sample rather than a large sample that maybe a cone biopsy takes.


At the end of the day angel you dont get answers if you dont ask the questions :-)

Keep posted on how you get on and dont be worrying.


Best wishes