High grade severe dyskaryosis

Hi ladies x

I had my first ever smear test aged 24 at the end of july. I've only just recieved my results through the post last week. My results show i have abnormal cells high grade  (severe) dyskaryosis and i have to have a colposcopy on the 18/09/17.

Opening that letter and reading those words my heart sank and i started thinking the worst. The only people i know that have gone through this are my mum  (she passed away) and my mother in law but she's  adamant that im going to be fine because she was. So i don't really have anyone else to ask.

I guess i just want to hear other ladies experiences and also what happens at a colposcopy. 

Thank you x


I had my first smear on the 11/06/17 aged 25 waited just over five weeks (18/8/17) for my results which where the same as yours. Went for a colposcopy on the 30/8/17 before the examination the Dr explained that he would be removing the bad cells during the colp which I agreed. During the colp he found a lot more abnormal cells than he thought so taken two biopsies and decided he wanted to wait for the results of those before removing so much because im still young.

The colposcopy itself want painful very similar to a smear test so slightly uncomfortable. Few days of spotting after the biopsies but nothing to uncomfortable 


Hi ladies

Another 25 year old with a similar situation! My initial smear results only actually came back as mino changes, so thankfully now they test for HPV  (positive) which booked me in for a colposcopy.

I wasn't worried at all as they were only minor changes, then had 2 punch biopsies taken at the colp. These then came back as CIN3 severe dyskaryosis - at 25 with a low grade smear a massive shock!

Coming from my experience, every women is different and will react to/handle treatment differently. I felt the colposcopy wasn't much different to the smear, a bit more clinical and fancy equipment but only because of how detailed it Is! If you have punch biopsies taken this is uncomfortable and not going to lie I freaked out at this. Some light bleeding and cramping for his a couple of days but wouldn't feel bad at all if I had to have it done again.

This forum is such a great place for us to be able to chat and share experiences. No matter how many people tell you it will be fine and they have had it done so you will be fine - doesn't change how you are feeling! It's a massive shock for anyone and especially at a first smear. I'm so grateful that all this is in place and of course is a preventative, but still can be a worrying experience - we're only human after all!

Really hope you get all good results! Xx


How long from your biopsies did you wait for your results to come back to have the LLETZ treatment? 

Thanks x