High grade severe dyskaryosis. Colposcopy 26/2.



this is my first post here however I have done a lot of reading. I had my first smear almost 2 week ago. Within 4 days I’d had three letters in the post informing me of high grade dyskaryosis with the word severe in brackets. Enclosed was several leaflets and an appointment for Monday 26th for colposcopy and ‘treatment’. In the booklet treatment explanations were about LLETZ and cone biopsies. My letter says that if necessary at my appointment, both will be done. 


Im petrified. I know there are SO many posts on here with similar content to this one so I apologise for another. I almost Put off my smear, purely because I know I’ve had abnormal bleeding for quite some time now. I’ve always put it down to contraception and ignored it, now I’m terrified that it’s more sinister. 

I think I’ve read enough about what may happen on Monday, but I’m a really anxious person and like things to be on a worst case scenario basis. So what I really want to know is, will they know from looking if I have cancer and would they tell me there and then? If not, whats the usual protocol for what happens next? Will I get a letter, how long will it take? I don’t want to be asking a million questions but I feel like my mind can’t relax if I don’t know every possible outcome. What happens next after these procedures? 


Thank you in advance for any response. 


Update: I’m 2 days post LLETZ now and don’t have any bleeding at all. Is this normal? Im getting pain in my hips and thighs which I can only assume is connected, and the occasional heavy feeling down below but other than feeling a little tender inside I’m not having any discharge or blood at all. Is this ok? Everywhere I’ve read says bleeding and discharge for a long while after. 


Im using this thread to keep track of my recovery post LLETZ now. Thank you everyone who helped initially. I will keep the original post above as it may answer some other people’s questions. 7 days on today and really want my letter to hurry up. 

Hello Kiwi


i had the same result last year which scared me but after colposcopy and punch biopsy it was downgraded to low grade CIN1. I had repeat smear last month which showed borderline changes high risk HPV positive so was at colposcopy 19th February had 3 punch biopsies including 1 from vaginal wall which I am currently awaiting results and I’m extremely anxious yet again! Good luck for tomorrow 

Thank you very much for the reply. That’s reassuring that you got downgraded, but scary just the same. I hope your results are good ones this time around. 

Is it worth my partner coming with me tomorrow? He says he wants to but I said I think I’ll be ok alone as I don’t want to waste his afternoon and get someone to have our boys for the sake of it. Would you recommend he comes? 

Hello Kiwi,

im keeping my fingers crossed this time! I took my partner both times with me as it was nice to have him there to hold his hand it helped me feel a little less anxious so I would take your partner sometimes they think of questions if you forget! 

Good luck today let me know how you get on.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected it would be. I went in petrified but there were 3 nurses and they were all so lovely. The lady who did the procedure went through everything in so much detail it really helped me to relax. I didn’t like the anaesthetic much, I was very shaky and my heart was racing but she said that’s normal. She had to inject me twice with it as she took away some then said she needed to take more than expected so gave me extra. I did feel those and they did sting but only for a few moments. She said based on her findings today she thinks the result will likely come back CIN3 but she will write to me with further information on her findings. I said can’t you just tell me now but she said she couldn’t and had to write to me. My partner came but in the end I told him to wait in the waiting area for me. I expect to receive a letter with biopsy results and the nurse’s findings today within 4 weeks so it’s Just a case of waiting now. That’s the bit I don’t like! I’m a little sore and cramps at the moment but hoping that won’t last long. Have my pyjamas on already anyway and my partner is on kettle duty this evening lol. 

Hi Kiwi!


im going through the same as you at the moment! 

I had my first ever smear come back as high grade dyskaryosis  was booked in for a colposcopy. At the colposcopy she took 3 biopsies but didn’t remove anything.

she said she thinks it’s CIN3 but i will have to wait for the results of the biopsy to be sure.  im now 1 week post colposcopy and dreading my results as I’ve had abnormal vaginal bleeding for 4 months now. 



Hi, I received a letter after my cervical screening saying that I have high grade  (severe) dyskaryosis. I got my appointment for colposcopy for 14/03 and I'm really scared . Is anyone had any symptoms like burning and pain when urinating which is a problem for a long time now and the doctors keep saying that it's not a urine infection that's why they told me that I need cervical screening and I also got problem with discharge. Should I be worried ? 

Hi Beth. I’ve also had abnormal bleeding for quiite some time but always ignored it and put it down to different birth control methods. I hope now that it isn’t anything more sinister. However I don’t think I could’ve done anything sooner than I have anyway as this is the first smear I’ve been eligible for. Let me know how you get in, I hope your results are good. X

So I thought I may as well use this to keep track of my ‘goings on’ between now and my dreaded letter. All systems go with the discharge and bleeding now all of a sudden. The last 2 days I have been havin trickles of water all day long, a bit like amniotic fluid. The smell isn’t nasty but a bit weird, to me it smells burnt. Which I guess makes ate but is still nasty. Yesterday it went a bit pink and today I’m bleeding properly. No period as I don’t get them with the implant. Getting a lot of period type pains though and terrible aches in my hips. Hoping this will stop soon but I know I will be one of those that bleeds for the 6 weeks! 

i have been so emotional. I don’t know if thats normal or me just being a wimp. I am full of irrational thoughts about leaving my babies behind and how will my partner cope, they are too young to remember me. How will we manage childcare if I have cancer and I need treatment, what if I get poorly quickly and I can’t look after them. It’s silly really because I probably havent even got cancer but I’m upset every single night or when I get 5 minutes alone. I really hope the letter arrives soon. One week down today, 3ish to go. 

Hi Kiwi,

have you had your results back yet?


i had 3 biopsies taken and they’ve come back as CIN3 so now I’m booked in to discuss treatment on the 21st and possibly have it done on that day! 



I had my letter through the post yesterday. LLETZ biopsy confirmed CIN3 but nothing more sinister and they beleive it was all removed with the treatment. I have to go back for another smear and colcoscopy in September x

3 weeks 2 days post LLETZ and still bleeding. Lighter now and a very dark colour but still enough to wear sanitary towels  I’m so sore from the constant use. Been using my sons nappy rash cream lol. Also really feeling like OH is being distant with me since and it’s hard. He says it’s because its easier for him to keep his distance so he doesn’t want more than a cuddle and have to resist, and I do beleive him, but you know, a cuddle would be nice. Men! 

Hi Kiwi! 


Im so glad it was nothing more sinister and they’ve removed it all! 

I had my Lletz treatment yesterday, I’m in a lot of pain today which I didn’t expect but I haven’t started bleeding yet, I’m sure thats all to come! 

Its so hard when partners distance themselves from you because they don’t know how to react. I’m really lucky in the fact that my partner is very understanding. He’s seen me go through a lot with my previous gynae problems and he’s always been so good with it. He knows we can not have sex for 4 weeks now but he gave me a big cuddle last night, I hope he doesn’t distance himself from me but I guess they think that’s the easy option.


take care,

beth x

Hi ladies, 

I know it's been a few years since this post but I was wondering how you all were?

I've just received a diagnosis of high risk hpv and high grade dyskaryosis (severe), I'm at the initial freaking out stage unfortunately :(

Got my appointment in a week for a colposcopy (happy so soon but equally suspect that it's so soon....)

Hope you're staying safe