High grade severe dyskaryosis HPV +

I've always had clear smears until a few days ago my smear was high grade severe dyskaryosis with HPV+ 

I called the hospital as advised for the colposcopy expecting to be deferred due to conrona virus outbreak but was told no I really needed to come in and have booked me for this Wednesday .. I have active symptoms have Been bleeding in between periods .. I have pelvic pain and oddly freezing cold during the day and awful night sweats during the night waking up completelt soaked through my pjs and having to change up 2/3 times a night to pee too .. my partner thinks I'm over reacting and that there's nothing wrong .. what have your outcomes been with the result same as me . ? 

Hi Hollie0911,

I'm not at outcome yet but it seems that they like to be cautious about severe changes. They can provide treatment at the colposcopy if needed and are highly successful at clearing problem cells. Try to see the positive about being seen. The waiting is awful so it's good you are able to get it checked out. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. 
hugs. Xx

Hey I had LLETZ at my colposcopy appointment today ! Let hope this is the end !! She agreed with my smear test that it was high grade severe but I hopeful she got it all :) 

Fingers crossed for you. Well done for having lletz under local I couldn't tolerate the examination!  
big hugs

Hi Hollie, I'm in the same boat, I received the same smear results as you just today. I have two young children and I'm feeling pretty scared. My colposcopy is next Friday, and corona just makes it even more worrying. 




Good luck.
If they offer lletz, it could be over really soon.

They didn't cancel my colposcopy because of my result .. and to be fair I was pretty much the only one in having it done then .. so they hold back in doing it if they feel it's urgent ! Honestly when it's done you'll feel so much more at ease.. I don't have my biopsy results back as if yet but I honestly feel since my LLETZ I feel sooo much better about things and I don't honestly hardly even think about my results common through through anymore xx