High grade severe dyskaryosis - positive outcome :)

Hi everyone,

Had my routine smear on 15th January, on 4th February I recieved my results saying I was HPV positive and had high grade severe dyskaryosis CIN 3. Panic set in...all previous smears have been clear and no problems to then see severe on my notes was a bit daunting.

9th February I had my colposcopy examination. Biopsies were taken and LLETZ procedure done on the same day. LLETZ wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be, the local anaesthetic stung a bit but after that I couldn't feel anything other than a bit of pulling around. I had a lovely nurse by my side asking me about my children and work so I was distracted from what was going on.

Yesterday March 5th I recieved my results from the biopsies - no cancer found, CIN 3 high grade severe dyskaryosis as they had expected, however they think they got all of the affected area with the LLETZ procedure. Test of cure in 6 months time to check to see if HPV is still present, if it is then it's back to colposcopy, if not then back to 3 yearly smears again :)

Just thought I would share as I was so upset and panicked. Every day I have been waiting for the post to come or a phone call with my results!

Will still visit the group to see if I can help others in any way! :)

Take care

Kayleigh xx

Hi Kayleigh,

That is wonderful news and I hope you are recovering well after being pulled about.

 I understand it is scary and we can't help but think of the worst but you faced your fear and kicked it into touch.

It is lovely to see a positive message as it gives hope. 

Sending you love and good vibes,

Wonderful news Kayleigh, so many people forget to post with the good news. And we all know how valuable the good news is for all those at the beginning of this anxiety inducing journey. 


Really pleased all was successful xx

This is a wonderfully positive story :)

I had my colposcopy today, confirmed HPV and severe high grade changes and abnormalities.


Feeling extremely nervous as I lost my sister to cervical cancer 18 months ago.