High grade moderate dyskariosis (children mentioned)

So i had my 2nd smear test 2 weeks ago. On Tuesday I got the results saying I have moderate dyskariosis.  

I'm so worried. They said I would be have a colposcopy appointment but I'm just waiting to hear from them now. 

I didn' really think anything before hand  I knew my periods were heavier and I had quite a bit of spotting for a few months but that didn' make me think anything. But the last 2 months I've had periods every 2 weeks and pelvic pains. I put them down to working in a warehouse and stretching muscles incorrectly or something. 

Also my discharge has become quite a lot  not sure if that could be related. 

I'm  so worried. I have 2 children one 5 and one 3. 

Please give me some reassuring feedback. 

Hi Tammy! 

Try not to worry too much, I know it’s hard though. I’ve just gone through exactly the same. I got my second smear test results being high grade on 2/3/18 and they had booked me a colposcopy on 8/3/18, so it was all very quick. They told me I had severe high grade cells and a lot of them and being all central. They did the treatment there and then and have removed all of the bad cells. the Colposcopy itself isnt bad, but the treatment was uncomfortable and I felt a little pain. When you get your appointment, take a member of your family with you incase they do treatment on you as you are sore after, and advised not to drive and take the day from work. I was exactly the same As you and have 2 children. But they told me all the bad cells have now been removed, they have done a biopsy too to check it’s fully clear and I have to go for more regular Smears. So it’s very important you go for it. good luck, hopefully they removed all your bad cells and all will be okay. 


rhianna xxx



1st smear- low grade abnormal April 2017

repeated smear-feb 2018

2nd smear results- high grade abnormal 2/3/18

colposcopy And LLETZ treatment and biopsy 8/3/18

awaiting biopsy results.