high grade dyskaryosis

Hi, I got my routine smear result 2 days ago....high grade dyskaryosis....I haven't been able to stop crying ever since.

I'm 39 and have never had an abnormal result before and I feel devastated. 

My daughters age 4 and 7 keep asking why I'm crying.

Please tell me this will pass......I have colposcopy on 27th Oct.

Hey I was in the same situation, when it came to the colposcopy nurse said it didn't look as bad as high grade, lab rechecked results of smear and was low grade and inflammatory cells. Had lletz anyway to get rid of the cells and got my results back from that as low grade. Easy to say don't panic as I know I was so worried. Even if it is high grade it doesn't automatically mean cancer, but could become cancer if you left it. Good luck for your appointment 

Thank you that does make me feel better - Glad all was ok for you :)

Hi hon,

I think I was at my worst when I first got the letter saying smear was abnormal. It is such a shock. But that initial shock DOES wear off. High grade dyskariosis should mean PRE cancer, rather than cancer, so any treatment you have to have should be quickly over and done with. You may need a lletz, but that is not bad. 

Try to take this next little while as time to put yourself first, and to really treat yourself well. Easier said than done, I know especially with little ones, but it has probably been too long since you put your own health first as a mum.

hugs, Molly xxx

Thank you Molly. You're right - I never really think about my own health. I'm trying to put it out of mind - there's nothing I can do for now. I'm making lots of plans so I'm not on my own during this week and always busy so the time goes by quickly. It is the shock that's the worst bit. Once I've had the colposcopy and have a plan I know I'll feel better - it's all the uncertainty that's the worst bit. i hope your MRI was ok. Waiting for results is horrible. 


Hi Spongly, unfortunately there's another wait for the colposcopy results, up to 6 weeks normally. But as said above, this in no way means that you have or will develop cancer, it could turn out to be much less serious.

I hope the colposcopy goes well. Its not nice going in there putting your legs in stirrups, but the prcoedure is so much easier than you would expect. Best of luck xx

if you need a lletz do they do it at the colposcopy appointment or do you go back another day? And what are the results you have to wait for? I'm a bit confused!

if you need a lletz do they do it at the colposcopy appointment or do you go back another day? And what are the results you have to wait for? I'm a bit confused!

Hi, I think it depends a lot on the policy of the hospital.  But I think most people have theirs done at the same time as the colposcopy.  I had a biopsy which has been sent away for testing, and a 6 week wait for results.  They check the results of the biopsy/lletz to check them against smear results, with me I assume that once they get the results back I will be called back for the lletz and a further colposcopy.  The lletz takes away all the abnormal cells, and further checks are then made to make sure you are then all clear, if so then you go back to normal smear tests.  Although none of the tests are particularly dignified the worst part of any of this is the waiting and worrying which is normally no where near as bad as we imagine.

Thanks ladyBee. The waiting and worrying is the worst bit but at least I gave stopped crying now! All of your posts have been really helpful and reassuring so thank you. I'm glad I found this forum. So I guess I have the colposcopy then wait and see what happens next...

Yes, at least you don't have too long to wait for your colp.  Mine was 2 months after my abnormal smear and now a 6 week wait for results of that, am only one week in so 5 more to go!  They told me it is due to where you live as to how long the wait is, so don't read anything into the fact yours is quicker, I just live in a busy area....arent I lucky...not.  Good luck and keep us posted x