High grade (moderate) dyskariosis

Hi all,

Last year I had my first smear and received results saying I had low grade dyskariosis with HPV present. I had a colposcopy appointment and biopsies taken which showed CIN 2 and was treated with cold coagulation. Just been back to my GP for my six month smear and have received results today telling me I have high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis and need to have another colposcopy appointment as soon as possible.

I have called the doctors in floods of tears to discuss this with them but they were not reassuring at all. I am due to go to Thailand in 9 days for a 2 week holiday. I am unsure what I should do? Should I go? Or will these cells get worse in the two weeks? I am so confused that I have received treatment yet the cells have got worse? I am so worried! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Lauren

Hi Lauren


I had high grade glandular changes suspected in my smear in Jan and had a colposcopy. They said I needed treatment I was due to go on holiday three weeks later and called them to defer. They said weeks won't make any difference so I had my appointment three weeks later than they gave me. 

Should be OK. The holiday before treatment was worth it. 


Thank you so much for your response! 

I have been so stressed about it as I fly out on the 14th April. I have tried calling the colposcopy clinic all morning but keep reaching their answer phone. This is the only support I've found - I find the whole process really stressful and the letters lack information. I am petrified of what the results may be and what is happening inside but I'm not completely sure I want to go through it before I go away. 



Did you manage to get through? 

When I called to postpone mine, the lady was lovely and even said u don't want to pay all that money for a holiday then be in pain or uncomfortable so best to delay. 

I tried all day yesterday no answer. I even tried to get hold of the consultants secretary I was under last time but no joy. I am at the end of my tether, I've spent the last 48 hours crying. I'm a nurse myself and I have a lot of work to get done but just find I can't concentrate, my whole mind is consumed by these results. my friends cousin is a doctor and she's recommended to be seen asap and also a friend that is a midwife so they are worrying me. My holiday is now a week away, I'm meant to be excited but all I am is worried and upset about what is the best thing for me to do. 


Thank you you so much for your responses x

I had 4 weeks between colscopy and leetz so defo have the holiday. 

I hadnt heard of anyone experiencing this stuff until I starting openly talking about it and you know what I found out 5 women at work had this plus friends of friends. its scRy if you think it's so rare but actually cell changes are common and hence the need to smears and follow up treatment.  I'm scared still as it's normal but if you have been picked up at least it starts the ball rolling for monitoring the cells xx enjoy your holiday I had the say when I hsd my smear return I was off to Dublin and I hardly slept etc but actually now I'm so glad I went x

Hi girls hope your well,  I've just had my colposcopy today and they told me I'm grade 3 and need treatment what should I expect I dunno how to take the news my first smear results didn't seem to bad but the lady seen alot of abnormal cells x

hi Vicky I had Cin 2 so a lleetz was given as my form of treatment but they will advise you one your method. Lleetz was fine and was in and out in literally 15 mins. Wasn't bad At all you will get through it and this site was a saver for me to help get support.