Colposcopy after Smear showed High Grade (moderate) Dyskariosis

Hi all, 

I've been reading everyone's posts recently in the lead up to my colposcopy in 22nd December. 

I had the letter following smear that it showed High Grade (moderate) dyskariosis and that I'd have a colposcopy appointment within a few days. Naturally I was in panic mode for the very long 6 days that I had to wait.

When the appointment came round, the staff were fantastic with me. 

But I guess what's made me post is, that she said my Cervix looked very 'unremarkable' which meant that she didn't need to do anything, and would do a biopsy which would likely come back and tell her to give me the thermal treatment as there was nothing there that they could see.


Has anyone else had a similar experience? I was expecting her to be able to see something to treat and it's left me feeling very much exposed. 

Hey S26phy,

My colposcopy was 20th November, the Smear results had been High Grade Dyskariosos and due to being under the weather when that letter came my brain just couldn't function rationally and in a way i would normally deal with this result (i'd also not been particularly prepared for it as i'd just assumed it would be negative!) - i really did flip, assumed the worse as did my partner.

When i attended my appointment the colposcopist told me that in her opinion it didn't look high grade, this made me feel so much better about the whole thing and i relaxed until the results arrived. I received my results within 2 weeks - CIN 3 and an appointment for a LLETZ which i had on 15th December - still awaiting results. 

My advice to you would be to try and see this as a positive. If there was something to worry about then she expected to see visual evidence, the absence of this can only be a positive thing. Unfortunately we are all in for a bit of a waiting game but no matter the outcome we have to feel good knowing that if something is found and needs treatment we are in the process, the whole point of this is to find, detect, monitor/ treat. Knowledge is power and screening is preventative :)  I hope you receive your results soon.


Smear 21/10/20 High Grade Dyskariosis & HPV

Colposcopy 20/11/20 CIN3

LLETZ 15/12/20 - pending results