high grade result...or is it?

hi guys, new to the forum and have found them very helpful recently just wondered if anyone can shine any light on this or had similar experience s?

had 1st smear at 26 this sept, results back in 6days saying high grade dyskaraosis,  and sent through a appt for colposcopy which I attended 13th this month. 

hen I arrived was taken into the colposcopy room and was seen by a man (never given an option of a female) and he explained that I was there because my smear results they couldnt work out what grade it was?? I asked why I was told high grade and panicked for weeks if they didnt know and he said its what they do to cover themselves. needless to say I had a few choice words to say, anyway had a biopsy taken which bloody hurt and found the whole thing uncomfortable but the doc wouldnt say what grade he thought it was or if he saw anything sinister as hes not allowed to. sorry to load all that off! look forward to hearing from anyone xx

Hi hon,

welcome! My doc told me straight after colposcopy that it looked really 'suspicious'. I think everywhere decides on their own policies!

I know it's horrible to think you mya have worried more than you needed to, but at least maybe now you might get better news. It is possible that you have some high grade areas, but some moderate areas, or something similar.

Have they told you when to expect results?

molly xx


hiya, yeah true I would like to think they would say something but where I live they do everything back to front!! They said to expect results in 2-4weeks but am away for a week so wont know till I get back but he said I will probably need a keep to be on safe side!! Xx

leep* sorry predictive text

just got my results back cin3 booked for loop cone diathermy end of nov :(