High grade moderate dyskarosis

Hi everyone,

I'm 28 and have been having smears since I was 19, all have been abnormal apart from one that I had 3 years ago after giving birth to my daughter. I am assuming that it was incorrectly negative. If I remember correctly my results went from borderline changes with high risk HPV, to mild changes and then to moderate. I think my results would just say "moderate dyskarosis".

I was sent to colposcopy via fast track last year because my nurse was concerned with the appearance of my cervix and how much I bled. The GYN dr did an endometrial biopsy and internal ultrasound and the results of those were fine. He said he would wait until my smear results were back to biopsy. The nurse didn't fill the specimen pot in so it couldn't be sent off for testing. I then had to wait to have another test so that it had been longer than 3 months. 

I had been bleeding after sex and having pelvic pain, both of which I still have. My periods have also changed. The blood is different and I bleed for 8-9 days instead of the 4/5 I usually do. 

Anyway my questions are: 

- am I being silly being worried that it is perhaps more advanced than my smear suggests?

- if my womb biopsy and scan was okay then what could the causes be of pelvic pain, bleeding and longer periods? I can only think of it being hormonal or cervical cancer. Two of my aunt's had cervical cancer at my exact age so I worry.

- what does the 'high grade' in my result mean? I don't understand how it can be both moderate and high grade.


I'm hoping to just have the LEEP when my apt comes through and hopefully that will be that. 

I hope this makes sense. I was expecting it anyway, I'm just nervous that my results have been abnormal for so many years now and it might have had time to progress perhaps. 

I'd be very grateful to anyone that could ease my mind.

Emma xx

Anyone? I know there must be other posts like mine, but my worries are strong all the same. :( 

I have PTSD so smears and investigations are scary for me anyway. I'm so anxious and scared. 

They will see more when they do colposcopy, I had mine, today and they did 4 biopsies, then will decide what to do. Think if there had only been one area they would have done the lletz.

The waiting is hard, have you got appointment for colposcopy yet?

Thanks so much for your reply. 

No I haven't got my appointment yet. How long after receiving your smear results did you get yours? I received mine on Saturday. Frustrating because I'm due on next week but don't know if it will come on time or how long it will last so I'm anticipating having to rearrange it. Xxx