high grade dyskaryosis

i had my smear test 9 weeks ago and only got the results back last week. 

they saw abnormal cells.

i have a colposcopy on wednesday. will they tell me the results of it then and there?

i had a colposcopy last year because of bleeding after sex, they took a biopsy but that came back clear - is it possible they missed something and its been festering all this time?

also, does high grade dyskaryosis mean i have cin3? or do they not correspond like that?

i feel so clueless and completely helpless.


thanks for any advice.


Your smear test is designed to pick up abnormalities but not diagnose anything. It’s likely that you have some sort of precancerous cells (CIN/CGIN). But you won’t know for definite until after your colposcopy. They may do a biopsy or a lletz/leep proceedure depending on what they see.

Try not to worry too much,although easier said than done.xxxxx

High grade vs low grade refers to how abnormal the cells look. Moderate or severe refers to the area thickness of the cervical lining affected and is an estimate because they have brushed the cells off and are not looking at your whole cervix. The CIN levels refer to the thickness of the cells affected and cannot be determined by a smear.

When they do the colposcopy, they will look at the area affected but cannot diagnose CIN 2 or 3 without a biopsy or, if they proceed straight to lletz, sending the results to the lab. 

I know - we all on here know - that it's easier said than done but try not to worry. On Wednesday you will know what you are facing and can take it from there. 

Thank you both, for your replies. 

I know in my head that I shouldn't worry and it could easily be nothing, so ive been keeping busy. Just want to get tomorrow out of the way now so I know a little bit more.


i had my colposcopy today and the cells were precancerous. they removed them all with lletz and sent them off for testing. what will they be tested for? i didnt even think to ask. 

Well done for getting it over with!

They will test to see if they are CIN2 or CIN3.

They will test to see if they have a clear margin of normal cells on the bit they cut off.

Now put your feet up and take care of yourself 

Well done

I agree with what Julia says. They’ll check what exact grade of cells they are and that they have them all.