Does high grade dyskaryosis mean CIN 3?

Started another topic in case anyone else wants to know this info?

I don’t understand what ‘margins not clear’ means either.

If treatment is done and margins not clear what then?

Does it mean all the cervix has to be zapped and not be able to have kids?

Worrying myself stupid now. Haven’t eaten or drank anything all day.


Just to let everyone know. I haven't even recieved my appointment for the colposcopy yet.

I have been reading through what happens and what high grade dyskyosis means and what happens after treatment  it's come up with all sorts of things about cin 1 2 3 and Margins etc etc none of which I understand. 

Feel like I'm having a breakdown I hate not knowing what all this means. Feel completely in the dark and all there is to do is wait. 

Im ranting now sorry :( 


I don't really know what to say as I'm also so anxious and confused about it all. Just wanted to say you aren't alone.


C x

Thank you x x


Just wanted to try & help out as I know how horrible it is waiting & not understanding! My smear test came back as high grade dyskariosis as well but I phoned the colposcopy clinic when I got the appointment & they confirmed it was moderate (from my understanding they changed reporting of results from 3 categories which were low, moderate & severe to just low & high so both moderate & severe now class as high grade. Moderate is obviously the less serious end of high grade so yours could Be either. This is the way the smear test is classified.

when you then go to colposcopy they will give you an idea of what they think it is likely to be & this is CIN 1, 2 or 3. Theoretically low grade smear = CIN1, moderate =CIN2 & severe = CIN3 but the only way to confirm for definite is a biopsy. If they're not 100% sure whether it's 1,2 or 3 they'll do a biopsy as it might not need treatment if its only CIN1. If they're pretty confident it definitely needs treating they'll most likely do it there & then (this is the LLETZ procedure in most cases) & biopsy tossue that was removed just to confirm the diagnosis. 

Where they talk about margins it refers to the area that was removed during the LLETZ, imagine the piece they removed as a circle of tissue... if there are no abnormal cells within a certain distance of the edge of the circle they can say it has clear margins as they have removed all the abnormalities within that piece of tissue. If the abnormal cells go all the way up to the edge of the circle then margins aren't clear as they can't say some more abnormal cells haven't been left behind.

also remember that your smear & colposcopy won't necessarily match so not a guarantee you'll need treatment, it may only be CIN1 in the end in which case they keep an eye on it.

I felt sick prior to my colposcopy appointment I was so worried but it honestly was fine, they were so lovely & reassuring. It's highly unlikely they'll find anything less than severe abnormalities which are so easily treated.

so easy for me to say having been through it (my smear & colposcopy biopsies didn't match, had them re done & still don't so got to go back in a year) but honestly don't panic, it will be totally fine.