High grade dyskaryosis. . (children mentioned)


Does anyone know is high grade dyskaryiosis the same as cin3? If so,  is cin3 mostly treated by lletz?

And is cin3 the last stage of abnormalities before the cells turn cancerous? Its all a little confusing..

Thank you .

Hi Sarah,

i would be be interested to know too. I had my first smear two weeks ago and had a letter through saying I have moderate/severe dyskaryosis. I'm absolutely terrified as have been googling too much. From what I've read CIN2/3 are pre cancerous abnormalities of the cervix. I'm expecting to need a LLETZ when I go for my colposcopy next week. And possibly more...but really scared about cancer. Im 25 and have a 3 month old daughter and keep scaring myself. I've also had some of the symptoms. 



Hey Caz, yes it's all a bit scary indeed.  it's the waiting round that's worse. Which is where I'm at now, hopefully someone will be able to answer the above.

Off to work now for me, not sure if it helps or not!

 chin up ladies.

Hi Sarah & Caz,


I know myself how confusing all the terminology can be…..The term ‘high grade dyskaryosis’ covers both moderate and severe changes and so your smear results indicate either CIN 2 or 3 abnormalities but a colposcopy is needed to have a more detailed look at your cervix to determine whether the smear results were accurate. I received a letter to say my smear showed high grade changes (I later found out they were the high end of this i.e. severe changes) but following LLETZ treatment the lab confirmed my changes to be CIN 2 only and not CIN 3 as expected so results can be ‘downgraded’ if you like. I hope this helps…I know how worried you both must be feeling but it will all get sorted very soon and then you can get back to normality and move forward. xxx