High Grade Dyskaryosis

I had my first smear test around a week ago and got my results in about 5 days. Quicker than i expected! My letter has said that i have high grade dyskaryosis and i have been given an appointment for a colposcopy. Is high grade dyskaryosis the same as CIN3? Im a single mum and have never had any issues before in that area! Im scared and worried? Also ive been getting abdominal pain recently. Is this linked?


Hi there

Yes, high grade dyskariosis and CIN3 are the same thing. You will probably need some treatment, as CIN3 doesnt normally clear up on its own, unfortunately. The colposcopy isnt too bad, a bit like a slightly longer smear test. Depending on how your clinic/hospital works, they might offer to treat you during the same appointment, or they might get you back in later.

I don't think CIN changes normally produce any symptoms, so the pains are probably not connected.

It is lousy when this crops up, isn't it? I made it all the way to 44 years old with clear smears, then bam! CIN2 and needed a LLETZ treatment.


Hope you don't have too long to wait for your colposcopy, and that you can get it all over with soon


Thank you for your reply, i have my colposcopy 2 weeks today. So fingers crossed it goes ok and there isnt even worse news! Does cervical cancer get picked up in a smear? Or is that something that will be shown after a biopsy and the colposcopy?




It can get picked up in a smear, also in a biopsy, which they will take at your colposcopy. They send off the piece they remove during a LLETZ treatment as a bigger 'biopsy' too, and the lab will have a good look at the tissue and report back any problems.

Try to remind yourself it's statistically not that likely to be CC. If it was, and could be seen with the naked eye, they would have seen it when they did your smear, so anything discovered in biopsies is likely to be very early stages, and therefore very treatable.

Hopefully they will be able to whip out the bad cells and quickly confirm to you that CIN3 was all that they found.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :-)

Thank you for reassuring me! I always worry way too much! Fingers and toes are crossed! xx

I think it's natural to worry though, isnt it? I didn't even have high grade changes and there was still that lurking thought of 'what if they find something worse'.

Probably made worse by the fact that this is the first thing I've ever had wrong with me in my entire 44 years .... so I also had a bit of an 'oh my god, is my good health, which i've always taken for granted, going to give up on me?'

I'm sure you'll be fine, and it's good that they're not keeping you waiting for long. The waiting, as everyone on here will tell you, is definitely the worst bit!

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Sorry to hear you are all going through this, hope you got your results and they were good news.

I too have just had my first smear result come back as high grade dyskaryosis and am absolutely terrified, pretty much already convinced myself it's cancer. Im 27 and have 3 children and had put off my smear until now (silly I know). I have my coloscopy booked for Next week, it's all been so quick. Part of me doesn't want to go as not sure how I would take bad news, but I will as I know how important it is. Im just very confused at what it all means and googling really isn't helping! Does this mean I am likely to have cancer? Or am likely to get cancer? I also don't understand if high dyskaryosis is the same as Cin3 or could it be not so bad on inspection? I know I'm asking loads but this wait is awful. i don't know if it's relevant but my smear test was very painful when she took the swab, but when I said she just said its fine? 


So worried

any advice or experience would be great good or bad

Anybody?? :(

Hi Amy, you're more likely to get responses if you post a new thread as this one is from a few months ago. Big hugs xx