High grade dyskaryosis scared it’s cancer

I’m terrified a year and a half ago I had borderline changes and HPV. They did a colposcopy and all fine. I’ve now had smear results come back as high risk HPV with high grade dyskaryosis. They r booked a colposcopy for 7 days time but I’m convinced I now have cervical cancer considering it’s increased that much in a year and a half. Are they likely to do a biopsy and treatment at the colposcopy or what? Has anyone else had this result and what happened next.

Hi @hollygirl3857

CIN does most often take years to progress through its grades but its not that uncommon for it to progress through to CIN3 within a few months - 1 year+ or for CIN3 to appear as lesion on its own without the lower grades first being detected but it doesnt make the process of progression to CC any quicker… without monitoring/intervening, it generally takes HR HPV 5year+ to become cancerous, with it being possible for CIN3 to develop/appear within that timeframe its believed its CIN3 the direct precurser can take on average 3-15 year to become cancerous rather than starting from the 2 lower grades, as there was nothing found at your colposcopy last year it would be very unlikely you they would find CC, if they did there would need to be a huge error somewhere

It really depends on what they find at your appointment and how the colposcopist likes to do things on what would happen moving forward, if they believe what they are seeing does match what your smear has indicated (try to remember smears arnt a diagnostic they are only an indicator) if they want to confirm the grade as accurate or if for whatever reason they cant perform treatment on the day they will take a biopsy and offer treatment at a later date if necassary or if they feel treatment is needed/nothing is stopping it they will trust their judgement and perform the treatment with your consent

I was in a similar position last year, sep20 i had a HR HPV+ borderline change smear result (colposcopy was CIN1) and by jan22 i had CIN3 confirmed by biopsy, i had my LLETZ under GA which took 9 weeks from confirming the high grade change, despite how fast they progressed and nomatter how much id convinced myself otherwise i still had precancerous cells only xx

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Thank you for your response, the scary thing is I only had a smear this year due to an administrator error as the colposcopy moved me back to 3 yearly scans, thank god they made that mistake and tested my sample.

Your reply is very useful I’ve called support lines two have said the same it usually takes 3+ years for cin3 to become cancer which puts my mind at ease a bit especially seeing other posts on here where people had the same and they were removed successfully. This just highlights how important smear tests are as I’m in perfect health otherwise so this shows they’re importance:

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