Low grade to high grade - another colposcopy

Hi girls and guys! 

So last year I had my first smear, low grade dyskaryosis, went for colposcopy, had a biopsy and was confirmed low grade and referred in another year.

Went for the follow up, thought everything was fine as it took 3 weeks for the results but it's changed to high grade (severe) dyskaryosis, referred for another colposcopy.

Is it normal to change from low grade to this in a year? 


Mine changed from CIN 2 (moderate) to CIN 3 (high) in about 6 months so I would say that to go from low to high in a year is very plausible. I've seen similar speeds of progress on other posts too.

They way I see it, I think you can go from low to high grade quite quickly but these are still classed as pre-cancerous cells and it takes up to 10 years for pre-cancerous to become cancer. Because you have gone for regular tests and have caught it early I wouldn't worry too much.

Hope your colposcopy goes well!