Is it possible

To have a totally clear smear once then 3 yrs later have an abnormal smear saying high grade dyskaryosis? I mean surely at the very least you would have low grade to start with, then if left it would go to high.


I think the grade (high or low) is more about the size of the area so it wouldn't necessarily go from low to high. From what information i've been given and found myself:-

  • Low Grade - Just some of the cells in the area have become abnormal
  • Medium Grade - A few more have become abnormal
  • High - The majority of the cells in one area have become abnormal.

Have you been booked in for a colposcopy? They will be able to tell you more about that and show you the area xx

Hi, I had a totally clear smear at age 52 then 5 years later when my next smear was due it showed high grade dyskaryosis.  My problem was higher up the cervix, don't know if that made a difference on the first smear.

Hello, here's a snippet of info I've cut & pasted directly from the Macmillan website on CC,  this correctly explains the grading of dyskariosis.  

''A small number of women will have moderate or severe cell changes. If you have these cell changes, your GP or practice nurse will suggest that you have a colposcopy within a few weeks.

A colpsocopy involves a detailed examination of your cervix using a colposcope. It helps confirm whether you have cervical intra-epitheial neoplasia (CIN) and how severe it is. CIN is when changes occur in the surface (squamous) cells of the cervix

CIN is graded 1, 2 or 3 depending on how deep the cell changes go into the cervix''

Hope this helps to explain it.


Thank you so so much ladies. I really apreciate your replies. It helped so much. Wish you all the best in your problems.