Colposcopy, high grade dyskaryosis

Hi there,
I recently had my smear test and the results came back as HPV with high grade dyskaryosis.
I went for my colposcopy today & was doing my best to remain calm, when I saw the doctor he was so lovely and explained everything but said they were concerned about my case due to previous smears being clear and my one last year only showed HPV whereas this one has now placed me at the highest end of the scale, he explained that he may have to carry out some forms of treatment today depending on what he found. During the colposcopy he really kept reassuring me & explained everything that was going on, he then decided initially he would just take some biopsies and see from there, I just feel incredibly worried and anxious now as I had no idea the severity of what I was being faced with, he said the results should be with me in 3-4 weeks time, I think this is the hardest part all the waiting around and the unknown.
Sorry to go on im just so nervous as I wasn’t expecting to be told how concerned the doctors were

Hello, I know exactly how you must be feeling. I had CIN3 and CGIN almost 2 years ago, went through treatment. Is a very stressful time ,but I really don’t think you should worry unnecessarily like I did.
Your doctor probably just wants to make sure you have high grade CIN before doing Lletz that is why he did the byopsy instead he probably doesn’t want to treat unnecessarily as most lower CIN go back to normal on their own. I think if he was extremely worried because during colposcopy he found something that need it fast attention he would of done much more than just byopsy. So stay positive and don’t go to worst case scenarios is a big waste of time. Take care



Thought I’d drop a message I’m currently also waiting for my biopsy results, you’re right the waiting around is the worst! It’s only been a week today since I had my colposcopy, I’ve had HPV for 6 years now, had changes this time last year and 3 biopsies were taken but they were conflicting results, they said see you in a year.

Again smear came back HPV positive and changes, I looked at the screen and was talked through what I was seeing, they did explain that I may have to have LETTZ but after looking she said the area was too large and she didn’t feel comfortable doing it herself so would get a second opinion. She took a biopsy and said she wouldn’t be surprised if it came back CIN3.

It’s just the waiting around isn’t it!

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I have always had clear paps, I’m 30 and just had my first abnormal ASCUS pap and it also said high risk hpv positive. Did the colposcopy and it said CIN3. Now they want to do cold knife cone procedure. I’m scared to do it but I’m scared of ending up with cancer too. I’m seeking a second opinion because my OBGYN is very young and a fresh doctor and I want to be in the best hands! My appointment with the new doctor is on March 17th and we’ll be starting from scratch with another pap. Just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone sister!

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Sorry to hear your waiting & going through it to I really hope your results come back ok.
Like we’ve both said it’s the waiting that’s the worst I honestly feel like time is going backwards not forwards (stupid I know) but it’s the unknown I think that makes it harder, oh gosh bless you they did say a similar thing to me hence just the biopsy being taken initially I’ve since developed an infection I keep getting a horrendous stabbing pain that’s stops me in my tracks. Hope your feeling ok x

Oh bless you thank you for replying I really hope your next appointment goes well I’m 31 & things prior have always been ok, last year was HPV but nothing else now this year HPV plus high grade dyskaryosis in his words highest end of the scale, hope you get on ok & your not suffering too much

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Hey ladies i just wanted to join your chat i too am waiting biopsy results had colopscopy last mon my smear came back as minor changes an HPV positive i was told my HPV wasnt the type linked to cancer an i could be monitored an see within 6 months i asked for a Lletz just because iv had an awful time worrying bout all this il be 36 this year consultant was lovely an very reassuring she took biopsy i think its part of the criteria but im still worried bout it even tho she said its likely a viral type i guess im just looking to speak to people going through similar my mind always fears,the worst im a single parent 2 kids an my stomach has been in knots since this all began sleep hasnt been great either tho i do feel exhausted from the Lletz p.s sorry for rambling xx

I’m sorry to hear your going through this too, it’s good to reach out and chat to people in similar situations as we all have a rough idea of what each other is going through, did they say his long your results would take? I understand completely it’s so hard my mind is in overdrive all the time the unknown is the worst, keep smiling & here if you need a chat x

Yea iv found this forum a good support im sorry your going through it too only thing is were all going through it together :two_hearts:they said bout 4 weeks but allow upto 6 :see_no_evil: yea my minds the same im trying to get on but then it just keeps niggling in my mind i prob should be settled i have had the Lletz done but its left me very tired an emotional even tho im thankful i had it same to you @Joely21 im here also were all rowing same boat thank you for your message so thoughtful xx