Low grade changes/High Risk HPV

Hi everyone,

My 2nd smear came back as abnormal (low grade changes) and HPV virus was present.

5 weeks on and I am going to have a colposcopy next week. I asked my Doctor why I wasn't being seen straight away and his response was "To see if they change back by themselves". Is this common practice? It's very unnerving personally.

He always said there wasn't a CIN grade attached to my diagnosis as low grade is below CIN 1? When I go to my appointment next week will the biopsy then determine a CIN grade?

I had my mind put to ease after him telling me this but now it seems evident that smears don't determine the grade, just whether an abnormality is present.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Zoe,

you're in the same position as I was 6 months ago... My second smear also came back with the low grade dyskaryosis and hr hpv. I had my colposcopy a week after my results but I think this was only due to them having a spare appointmen. Low grade/borderline results are usually seen within 6 weeks- I'm not sure whether it is see to see if the abnormalities revert to normal or as it is non-urgent they are in no rush to see you?! You're right in thinking that the smear results does not determine CIN. The colposcopist usually has a good idea of what Cin (if any) you'll have. There are a few ladies on here that have had a borderline result from smear and a cin 2 biopsy (Not very common though so don't panic). if the colposcopist does see some abnormalities they will take a biopsy to be sent off and then another wait for results. If they find Cin 1 they may take the watch and wait approach and see you in a year (which is what has happened in my case). If they find anything higher then you'll more than likely have a leetz treatment (I have no experience of this but lots of ladies on here have :).


Hpe it all goes well for you. Xx



I have low grade dyskarosis, and HPV. I had a colopscopy last week and had a biopsy done. I was told I will get the results in 4 weeks. I don't know what to expect and really worried. Was this the same for you? Thank you x

Hey. I was in the exact same position as you this time last year. I had cin1 with high risk strain of HPV. It's impossible to but try not to dwell on it too much. All sorts of emotions will probably be going through your head, but I hope what I say will bring you some reassurance. I had a colposcopy around a month after the smear test results and they took biopsies. The biopsies and the colposcopy itself will give a clearer idea of what's going on, but if it's like mine it will confirm cin1. In that case you'll probably be left 6 months to see if your immune system clears it itself. During that time I basically didn't smoke (hardly did anyway but cut it out comoletely), ate even healthier than usual and exercised plus took some immune supplements. It might have made no difference but psychologically I felt like I was doing something positive, which made things seem better. After my six month wait for the next colposcopy I went back and it turned out things were back to normal. However even then they still do six monthly smears just to keep an eye on you and you need three clear smears until you go back to the usual intervals.

Anyway, I spent countless nights and days stressing over whether things were getting worse or better and I think at one point I convinced myself that when I went back they'd say it was worse! Ultimately all you can do is take care of your mental and physical wellbeing and don't worry about the amount of time that seems to pass with nothing happening -- abnormal cells develop very slowly so there's not much of a chance that things will get far worse. There's plenty of support and thr fact they've found out so early is a testament to how vital it is to attend smear tests. Good luck, you will be fine even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment!