High Grade Dyskaryosis (moderate)

Hi All,

I received my smear results yesterday HPV and abnormal cells were found (classed as high grade dyskaryosis (moderate), reading between the lines on Google I think this means the cell changes are CIN2 and will likely require LLETZ treatment. Does anyone have experience of treatment through Warwick hospital?

From a selfish point, I’m terrified of what this means longer term. My little boy is only 1 and I can’t stop the worst thoughts popping into my head. Myself and my husband had just started to try for another baby, I know I need to get this sorted but I’m not exactly getting younger and am devastated at not knowing how long we may need to hold on this for.

My husband is trying to be supportive but I just can’t talk about it with him, I know abnormal cells do not mean you have cancer but how on earth do I tell him it still sounds to be a small possibility (is this correct? I can’t look at google anymore). I want to protect him from it as he has lost very close relatives to cancer but equally don’t want to hide it.