High Grade Dyskaryosis again!!

Hi Everyone

I'm probably worrying over nothing but, I was wondering if others have experienced the same thing.  I should start from the beginning so that this makes sense.  I had my first smear test aged 25 in October 2012, the result came back abnormal showing low grade dyskaryosis.  I had a colposcopy and biopsy a few weeks later which showed CIN 1.  I was advised that this should return to normal by itself and lots of things I had read online confirmed this.  I had a follow up colposcopy 6 months later which showed that the abnormality was still there and a biopsy again showed CIN1.  I had yet another colposcopy in December 2013 and the result of the smear test they did at this appointment showed high grade dyskaryosis.  I had LLETZ in January 2014 to remove the abnormal cells and the result came back as CIN 1 (no mention of margins), which I was quite suprised about after having a high grade result.  The actual procedure was fine but, I quickly developed an infection and bled for 4 weeks, all of which was very unpleasant.  I've recently had my follow up smear test at my GP as planned and huge shock... the result has shown high grade dyskaryosis again!! I could not believe the result and it has upset me quite a bit that after going through LLETZ earlier in the year it seems to have been pointless.  I recieved my appointment letter for hospital very quickly and it stated that the result was severe dyskaryosis and that I would need treatment at the appointment.  I have had another colposcopy where the dr took 3 biospises (this alone has worried me as I have only previously had 1 taken in an appointment) and he confirmed that it was severe dyskaryosis.  I was expecting to have LLETZ again but, the doctor was worried about doing this because of the implications on any future pregnancies.  i was slightly annoyed to say the least as I had psyched myself up and arranged for a friend to take me too.  I'm awaiting the results of the biopsies but, have had a letter from the hospital saying that they are going to discuss my case in their mdt meeting and write to me with the management.  This has worried me more now because surely the only thing is to do LLETZ again??  What other options could there be??  I have read about women being offered hysterectomy's and I really am worried that they would suggest this, or am I being really stupid?  I am sorry for a really long post, i've probably rambled but, needed to get it out.  Thanks for reading and hope to hear back soon x

Hi Hannah c 

I have also had recurrent CIN and been referred to a MDT meeting. My understanding of it is that they tend to refer your case when the lab results do not match with the visual colposcopy findings. my last smear was done in the colp clinic where no visual changes were seen yet the smear came back as high grade changes. It was explained to me that it might be a really tiny group of cells which are removed by the brush during the smear so when biopsys or LLETZ is done the tissue may actually be clear as the cella have been removed during the smear. That's what I'm hoping has happened in my case. 

try not to panic about surgery, they will always try to preserve your fertility if they know you are hoping for a family. have they told you when the meeting is? X x

Hi Newbiej2012

Thank you for replying, I know my post was rather an essay! The meeting is this Friday so i’m hoping i’ll know more early next week although that might be a bit ambitious. It’s really weird because I had loads of questions and then it threw me that they weren’t going to do LLETZ there and then I forgot them all and couldn’t think of any to ask when they’d done the colposcopy either :frowning: xx