High grade dyskaryosis scared out of mind

Hi, any advice would be much appreciated. . today results from my smear came back as high grade dyskaryosis and I possible did the worst thing and went on google :(

does this mean pre cancer cells or possibly cancer?

I have a 13 year old son I am scared out of my mind im gonna die and leave my boy

can some one please explaine what this means

thank u...kerry x







Hi Kerry, I can completely sympathise with how you're feeling, I'm a single parent to a 14 year old son and I felt the exact same way when I was going through this, I could barely look at him without wanting to cry. My story is in my signature so I won't go through it all but as far as I know high grade diskaryosis is the same as cin 3 which means pre- cancerous changes, which if not treated may or may not become cancerous over time, and usually will be removed with a lletz procedure which is done under local anaesthetic. Most women have the lletz and have no more problems. Try not to think the worst although we all probably do until we have a clearer picture of what's going on. Have you long to wait until your appointment? The waiting between appointments and results is the worst.

hi sunnyday, thank you so much for your advice.  seems like you have had a badtime your self... hope your ok?

no appointment as yet am told next few weeks... not something I thought id be 9thinking of one day all is great next im scared and anxious it's the unknown. not even for myself but for my lilman.

I hopefully will if thats ok keep in touch reassuring someone understands.

many thanks again x


apologies if I have replyed 2x I tried earlier lol



Hopefully you won't be waiting too long, try to stay away from google in the meantime, you'll probably find the answer to any questions you have here and if not ask away, we've all been there. Do let us know how you're getting on too. As daunting as it all is, it's good that the abnormal cells have been found and are being checked out. I'm still waiting to have a normal smear since all this started, hopefully the next one in April will be normal, I'm actually nervous going that long without a smear now, but most people need lletz just once and then that's it.

funny isnt it you suddenly understand how god damn important smears are.

thank you I spoke to my dr and after speaking to you I understand a bit more.

will let you know how it goes and same for you hope it stays positive for you xx



5 days after colproscopy and leep... i dont think i have ever been more scared but the unknown is always scary.. the procedure wasnt as bad as i expected and the staff were amazing, the worst but was the local and slight shaky legs. waiting on results which should take 4 weeks. this procedure is infact life saving and i am so glad i had it done :)

if you read this and like me frightend be brave you stronger than you think.

will keep you updated with my biopsy results, fingers crossed. Kerry xx