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Hi all,

i've just received a letter saying some cells in my cervix show high grade dyskaryosis. How bad is this? I've got an appointment for colposcopy next week thank goodness. What proportion of those with a similar diagnosis come out ok? I had the HPV vaccine about 6 years ago (I'm 32)

Hi Gambarre

I'm 35 and have had normal smears from the age of 17 until my latest one which gave a result of severe dyskaryosis. My biopsy showed that CIN 2/3 cells were present. I got my LLETZ results this week and it showed no abnormal cells, just inflammation. It's very scary getting that letter through the post but I think a high proportion of women are fine after having the cells removed. 

I hope all goes well for you.


Hi Mel, 

thank you for your response. i'm glad your LLETZ results came back ok, good luck with the 6 month check up. I'm finding it hard not to freak out, at the moment all feels unknown. I'm grateful that if something is there, it was spotted but I don't feel emotionally prepared for the journey if I cant cope with the letter. 

I had high grade changes. Went in for my colp and had LLETZ at the same time as I just wanted it over with and the doctor said it looke like treatment would be needed anyway.  Got my results back a few days ago and confirmed CIN3 but all removed.  I also have HPV16 which is high risk so i'm hoping that this will al be gone when I go for my follow up smear in 6 months.

You can always come on here if you're feeling worried, I was so anxious waiting for my results for over 4 weeks.  The best thing is to have someone in person to speak to, even if it's only one person, I only told my partner and 1 friend at the time but now I know the results i've decided to tell others, starting with family, I didn't want to cause any panic for them though and it would have been more stress for me.

I'm glad the CIN3 is removed. It seems the hardest part is the waiting & associated "what if" I'm lucky to have a supportive fiancé to talk to. I don't feel like I want to tell others but know I'll have to say something at work to explain my absence. It has been reassuring reading stories on here of other women muddling through whatever has been thrown at them. I just hope I can develop that strength, I don't feel like I have it at the moment. Thoughts about this are all encompassing at the moment :S

I didn't tell work, I told my manager I had a hospital appointment and he didn't ask anything more, i'm not sure if they're legally allowed to ask so if not you could just say that, or tell them you'd rahter not disclose the reason at this stage.  If you've got your fiance that's good as it will affect them too, I have been worried about how it's affecting my partner as I don;t think he's been able to talk to anyone, just concentrated on being there for me.

Try and find a distraction, when I was busy with work I found I couldn't worry about it.

Thank you :) work were really sweet about it. I only told the Head of HR, I guess everyone else may just think I'm out with a cold! My fiancé does need support too, he's put up with my sobbing without having the chance to express any of his own feelings. I asked him about this (thank you for reminding me!) and he said he'd chatted with his mum so that put my mind at ease. Had LLETZ today Doctor said smear was severe, her diagnosis was CIN3 so there was no point holding off. I was teary about it, my standard response to shock or fear it seems, I'm generally quite calm!! However, when it got going, it wasn't too bad. The local anasthetic contained adrenaline which led to shaky legs but nothing was painful so I wanted to write that on here for those still waiting. I've now got a 6-8 week wait (crazy!!) for results. Holding fingers crossed for the all clear and a smooth healing of the wound. I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has written on this forum, I was still a teary mess today & I imagine I will be again as I wait for results but reading other people's stories & having people respond to me on here has made it all a lot easier, thank you & good luck with your own journeys.

Glad to hear that the LLETZ went well, I asked my partner and he's quite relaxed, but he's fairly relaxed about everything so not a big surprise, if there are any fertility issues we'll deal with them at the time.  Luckily his Dad works in neonatal and can make sure we're referred to a good consultant as he knows people at our local maternity unit.

I hope you get the same result as me, all removed (it didn't state clear margins specifically but I think it's just a different wording) and follow up smear in 6 months.

Hi ladies... I had my letter high grade following my smear

i am an emotional wreck I hate being touched down there anyway so this 

for me is massive because I know this is just the start... 

im considering going private to avoid the waits but it's all so daunting and scary I just don't know where to turn 

iv got 2 gorgeous kids the youngest lucky to be here and I'm only just getting over all the trauma of that and have no 

trust in our health care 

I'm trying to hold it together but the unknown is torturing me