High grade CGIN awaiting 2nd LLETZ under GA

Hello ladies,

It's been such a comfort reading through this forum whilst dealing with my first treatment for abnormal cells. Just wanted to reach out and chat with people who have been through similar. It's been a pretty emotional experience so far!

I am 28 and had my 2nd ever smear back in July. The smear was much more traumatic than my 1st as was painful with lots of bleeding. 2 weeks later I received my letter stating I had HPV and cell changes. At my colposcopy the doctor said it didn't look bad but he would take a biopsy anyway. A few weeks later I received a call saying I had to come in for a LLETZ treatment but wasn't told any details of the cells they found.

After my LLETZ treatment, I asked the doc what type I had and he explained it was CGIN. The biopsy later showed it was high grade with unclear margins. I am booked in for a weeks time to have a second LLETZ under general anesthetic which I'm pretty nervous about but happy for being a step closer to being done with.


Has anyone had a GA for LLETZ? I felt pretty awful for a few after my 1st under local. But also developed an infection and had just moved in alone! 

Sending good vibes to all x

Hi Faye

I fully understand when you say about it being an emotional time! I really wanted to reply and share my experience and hopefully give you some comfort. 

I recently had two LLETZ procedures under GA. When I originally heard they wanted to do it under GA I was scared as in my head it made it seem more extreme. I really shouldn't have been so concerned.

My original biopsy at colposcopy came back as high grade CGIN and I was told it was decided at MDT that having the procedure under GA would be best.

Unfortunately the first LLETZ procedure came back with unclear margins and I had another procedure under GA 6 weeks later. I then got the all clear and will have another colposcopy in 6 months.

It may seem obvious but the best thing about the GA is you don't know anything that's going on and don't feel any pain at all during the procedure. As it was after GA, I just kind of woke up and was like oh it's all done now, and that was a big relief.  After both times I was prescribed medication to take home which really helped but actually the pain was manageable.

I hope you can try and have someone stay with you at home the night of the day you have it done, not for any other reason than it is comforting to have someone with you. 

When you are in the middle of it all the experience can feel overwhelming and a lot but trust me when I say when it is all over you will get such a huge sense of relief. The fact you have kept so up to date with your smears is also such a positive and has helped to catch this so early. Please feel free to message if you have any other questions and I'm here if you ever need someone to talk to. 







Sorry to hear what you are going through but I am glad they picked up the CGIN and you are having treatment!

I had the same, high grade CGIN. However my biopsy said it was also invasive cancer, so I was referred to an oncologist for treatment. Instead of the LLETZ, I had a cone biopsy which is more invasive than a LLETZ and this was under GA.

The experience was fine, I don't remember a thing obviously and post op it was like I had period pains, it was mostly my lower back that suffered to be honest. The beauty of a GA is you drift off then before you know it it's over, they also have the ability to be more thorough without being concerned of our discomfort etc
Good luck and you will be fine!


Hi Faye,

I'm sorry to hear you have to have another LLETZ! I know it's a difficult experience. I had a LLETZ a few years back using GA. Honestly speaking, I much preferred this to having LA as I was very scared and worried!

My recommendations are as follows: Make sure you've got someone to collect you after surgery and take the rest of the day (and ideally the next day) off - if you're doing physical work, you might take off a bit longer so your body can heal. Also make sure you're stocked up on painkillers! Once the effects of the pain medication you receive during surgery subside, you want to take painkillers to make you feel better. (might as well take some after the surgery before you experience some pain!)

Any other questions, please shout! Fingers crossed everything will go nice and smoothly for you! Sending lots of positive energy xxx

Thank you both for your kind messages!! So sorry to hear the experriences you have both had to deal with, its so hard being a woman sometimes! It really means a lot to hear from people who have been through similar. Its a tough journey so find connecting really reassuring. 

I am booked in for Monday morning for my GA and LLETZ and cannot wait for it to be done! I think you are both right about being put to sleep being a good thing.

All the best,

Faye xxx

Good luck! You will be fine! Let us know how you get on

jen xx

Hi all!

Just checking in after my 2nd lletz yesterday. All seemed to go well yesterday and the dr.took a piece much smaller than compaired to last time. Fingers crossed its done the trick... will get results in 2-3 weeks. I think they want to also make sure I dont have skip leigions with it cropping up in other areas. Anyway, feeling more positive and although I was nervous about the GA I think it was the best thing as they could be thorough without worrying about me. 


Hope you are all as well as can be in these weird times!

Faye xx