LLETZ procedure

Hi all, new to this website. I have been reading on here for a while now and have found it really helpul and comforting hearing other people's experiences.

I had my routine smear test which was very overdue! (Stupid I know) my doctor reffered me to the hospital on the same day to have a colposcopy as she could see something wasn't quite right. Received my smear results 4 weeks later stating HPV evident and also abnormal cells found. I had my a biopsy and LLETZ procedure done together on 29.03.17 I had been getting very impatient on waiting for my results so I chased it up, spoke to one of the nurses who said they had the results which was CGIN high grade and I would recieve a letter soon with what action was to be taken next. Since then I have recieved a letter saying they have received my results and would like to discuss it at their next colposcopy MDT meeting and will write with the outcome and management plan following this. I now feel very uneasy about this, I have read a lot about people having hysterectomies with CGIN high grade results and I'm quite concerned to hear the outcome now! 

Has anyone else had the same experience and surely this is a bad sign as they are not sure what to do next and need second opinions! 

I hope this all makes sense, sorry to ramble on! 

Hi currently going through the same i got told i had high grade CGIN and also highgrade cin had to get loop done had unclear margins that still showed highgrade CGIN have had to have abother loop treatment done now just to wait for results and go from there.. i asked for a hystorectomy as i have 3 children and i dont want anymore and they refused so far they said its not there first option they like to treat it other ways first hope this helps x