hi all,


from my first Lletz procedure it was confirmed that I have CGIN. I've had another LLETZ and the nurse said if it comes back without clear margins that I'll have to have a hysterectomy. I forgot to ask if it was high or low grade CGIN but I know that the whole biopsy was bad. I can't work out how to find out the difference between high and low grade but I guess I'm just trying to assess my chances of it coming back CGIN again.


I had two Lletz procedures u set GA for CGIN. One in jan and one in March. I don't think they grade it as such. The bad cells are in your granular cells so they too deep in the tissue. 

Since my operations I've had trouble with the wounds healing. I had to be cauterised to stop bleeding in april.time. 

And then I've had problems since I put it down to still healing. But I went back today to see my consultant who had to cauterise the area again as it's not healing. I go back in Sept for my test of cure smear so in Hoping everything is clear as I will have to have a hysterectomy as I've not really any cervix left for them to do the Lletz again.

Hope you are feeling ok and that you are resting.

I feel rubbish after today. 

Big hugs

Emma x

Ah I see, I guess I was hoping that I was low grade and that might make the outcome better. Are you waiting for the results of your second LLETZ? I had my 2nd on Wednesday, I'm tying to rest but it's hard with 2 young kids. Sorry you are having a hard time, I hope you start to heal. 

Yea I got clear margins.

Just hoping my smear test in Sept will still be clear. Hope you don't wait too long for your results. I hated the waiting part. 

Definatley hard to rest with 2 children. I didn't rest very much as I too have 2 young children  i regret it now.


i think i may have CGIN although never in writing? at my LLETZ they sat me down to say my flat cells and glandular cells were affected is that CGIN? im in for another colposcopy tomorrow 

As far as I'm aware, glandular cells are CGIN and flat cells are CIN. The punch biopsy they take at the colposcopy will tell you the grade. They may even do a LLETZ.