High grade 3rd time 24yrs old :-/

not done this before but as it's burdon I'm having to do with little support as it's so close to Christmas I don't want to put a dampen on the season of joyness I thought I'd try here.

So I'm 24 years old, I've had CIN 3 three times now (this my third) CIN 1 once and 've have lletz loop treatment twice. I have one child, a single mum and am at uni doing quite an intense degree. So as you can imagine I am going out my mind this time. I received a letter 4 days after my my pap (smear test) saying I had high grade dyskaryosis. I am booked in to have a colposcopy on the 30th. I have read so many forum of other women's stories and have researched, also spoken to a specialist nurse at cancerresearch.org but no one can seem to answer 2 main questions .

how quick does it go from high grade to early cc? How many times can you have a lletz loop treatment? 


Hello. Just read your post and didnt want to not comment. I hope you are feeling ok. I have been booked in for my first loop treatment on the 30th of this month which I am pretty nervous about and seem to be kind of in the same boat as you... I am 26 and a single mum and havnt told anyone about what I am going through yet as I dont want anyone to worry about me whilst we should all be enjoying christmas. So seem to spend most days reading peoples posts on here.

also I 'm sorry I cant answer your questions as this is all very new to me... hope you get some answers soon and if you ever just to need to chat to somebody you can always pm me x 

take care xx

Hello, hope your as ok as you can be - thought I would leave a quick reply - I too have been trying to find answers on your questions, the first question I dont think will ever get answered as it would be in-human to do research without treating people once a problem had been detected and I always try and remember that this is a slow growing cancer. The second question all depends on how much you have removed at a time I have found people on the net that have had four done. I have had two lletz and booked for my third on NYE (fun!!!). If you want a chat you can always PM, best wishes x