Hi I'm new

I've 2 boys 2.5 year old and a 7 month old who I still breastfeed atm. I started getting issues after my second was born. Feeling lumps on my cervix, bleeding after sex.

Had 2 biopsies done last Thursday and came back today as squamous cell cancer grade 2. Im awaiting an MRI appointment .

I'm so scared, I keep looking at my boys and husband and think how will they manage and I won't be here to see my second sons first birthday.

I'm trying to be positive since its day 1 of finding out.

I need some friends who've been through this. x

Hi trinity. 

I am new as well and just been diagnosed with 1b. 

I had my MRI yesterday and my treatment changed from op to chemoradiation. But the nurse was lovely and explained everything fully and I feel quite calm about it all now. 

I know it can be tough but you have to remain positive ?


sorry to hear your news, that must be very worrying for you. 

im not much help as I'm around the same stage as you having had my MRI yesterday, and am awaiting chemoradiation treatment. But I will say try to stay positive, the nurse I've had has been lovely and has kept my spirits up. 

I have 2 children 8 and 10 also so I know it can be worrying. Try to find something to distract you. 

Hi, the best bit of advice I can give you is to take each day at a time and try not to read too much on google. It's a daunting feeling at first but you've done the right thing by getting checked out and you're now one step closer to getting better. 

Try to be positive, I have two young children myself and kept myself as busy as possible with them whilst I was waiting for tests, it helps take your mind off things. Best of luck with your MRI.


Emma xx 

Thanks Emma.


I'm trying to be positive, maybe in the next few days I'll be more accepting of the results and just put my big girl pants on and get on with it. I have to.... for my boys. X

It'll take time to sink in, it's a massive shock for you and you naturally fear the worse. Just take each appointment one step at a time. There's so many inspirational stories on here, I've read so many that filled me with lots of hope. Make sure you have a strong support network around you, there's also plenty of people on here that you can talk to. 

Take care xx 

Its just so hard ladies, my pains have cranked up and its giving me pain in the front and tailbone area? Plus I feel like my kidneys are sore.  I've phoned the gyne and they might be getting me in to take swabs and maybe see if I've an infection..I guess.


I feel so emotionally drained and my 7 month old is obviously needing me but I'm so tired all the time. I'm trying to get him on formula so he isn't relying on me if I need to go into the hospital. 


I want/ need to be a happy and healthy mummy again. X

Hi Trinity Rose 


I also have two boys and I had Stage 3C2 Cericval Cancer in July last year and was terrified as I am a single mum too.    I had intensive radiotherapy, Chemo and Bracytherapy and 3 months after treatment finished I was told Monday that it has completely gone!   

I have to have check ups every 3 months to make sure everything still all tickety boo but it is highly treatable, highly curable and the treatement highly do'able and I did not lose my hair during chemo.  

Trying to stay positive is hard but you have two very exceptional reasons to stay positive like I did, my two boys 

Sending you positive vibes x



Just to reiterate the same as the other ladies.

Waiting for MRI / scan results is the worst bit of the process and once you've got your treatment plan in place then it does get better and you have something to focus on. I remember the panic I felt when I was diagnosed thinking about my 2 year old but it does get easier when you realise it's curable and you will be in great hands.  

I'm just at the end of the chemo radiation with brachytherapy next and it's been very doable. I just rest during the day if I need to so I can spend quality time with my son when's he home from nursery so he's not even noticed xxx

This is lovely to hear as a 3C1 person. Thank you for sharing and congratulations xxx

Hey ladies,

Had to go back into hospital yesterday.

With the back pain from my kidneys and front and back passage pain and yellow discharge they wanted me to go in.

I was emotionally and mentally drained.

After getting BP, bloods and urine checked,everything came back perfect. Took swabs etc but if they said if I don't hear from them no news is good news. They gave me antibiotics in case i had a surface infection. She also had a feel and said its not got bigger so the pains im feeling are coming from the cervix and spanning out.

Had an ugly cry to the nice female doctor, she was lovely. She had a long talk about the cervix and nerves and explained that when you're on your period some women get diarrhea,that comes from your cervix getting sensitive and firing off which is what mines is doing. I said everytime I get a pain im thinking its the cancer shooting off and spreading everywhere. She said cervical cancer doesn't work that way, its very slow growing. She also said if the pains get worse to call GP and they can put me on dihydracodiene(sp?) As thats safe for breastfeeding. Im finding if im breastfeeding especially at night my pain cranks up because its contracting my cervix so I may have to stop breastfeeding altogether if it continues to get worse.

I've found out I've my MRI/ CT scan on the same day on the 10th Feb. Been told I can't breastfeed for 12 hours after the CT so I'm really concerned my baby won't take a bottle,I'm struggling to get a few mils down him. I've got 2 weeks to try I guess but I'm stressed he's refusing it atm. He'll drink formula off me but not his dad. This is going to be a long 2 weeks.


Thought I'd update you xx

Hi Trinity,

I can't offer much advice as mine is only very early stage cancer, but I really do feel for you. The shock lasts a good few days, then the overthinking starts. Try to keep calm, they can do so much, even for more advanced stages. Yes you will need some sort of treatment but you will get through this.

For me it was a huge mortality check, I'd look at my two kids and for days I was stressing about how I'm not prepared in any way for a bad circumstance in the future. I've known now for 6 weeks and, dare I say it, I go for long periods during the day without even thinking about it which I never thought possible. If anything the children running you ragged will make sure your mind is kept busy.

You can do this, try and breathe, take it a day at a time. So many on here to help you x

Update: I’m just going to tell my story but missing
out the constant nausea and fatigue inbetween.

On the 21st of January this year was when my life shattered.

Sitting alone in the hospital waiting to be seen, in the middle of the covid lockdown.

I got told after having a biopsy there and then that I had cervical cancer. Stage and grading was unknown until biopsies were back.

Walking out of the hospital I was falling apart, getting closer and closer to the car where my husband and my sons, who were 2 years old and 7 months old were waiting patiently for my return.

My whole life in that car.

I broke down when I had to say I had cancer.

I told my immediate family something that I never thought I’d have to tell them.
I was living in a nightmare.

A long week had passed and I got told I had stage 2, grade 2 cervical cancer…but after another test 6 weeks later I got told it was stage 3C1 with one lymph node involvement, I thought sh#t well thats me not going to make it but luckily it was localised and couldn’t go anywhere. It was spreading horizontal and not vertically, the cancer in the lymph node was luckily in a node that the cancer couldn’t go anywhere which meant it couldn’t spread.

Phew right?.. still had to get treatment and start the fight.

The waiting to start treatment 3 weeks later was the worst.

A week after my 35th birthday, treatment was starting 6th of April, chemo every Tuesday and radiation every week day (mon-fri), so 5 chemo and 25 radiation in total plus x3 internal radiation at the end of main treatment.

Travelling back and forth was so tiring.
I had my ups and downs and focused on my boys and trying to stay distracted.
Too many tears were shed and what ifs where said.
Even planned my funeral.

After all the treatment was done, I had 3 months to wait until I can get another scan, again I distracted myself, recovered and focused on family life.

Had the scan 3rd of August and had a long week to wait until my consultant told me the results., my nerves were shot.

On the 11th of August, I had major anxiety and my nerves were all over the place. Was even feeling sick on the way to the hospital.

My whole life was about to change either way.
Expecting the worst, sitting with the consultant he told me my results…


…wait what? I was in shock.
Queue a lot of happy tears and a huge weight off my shoulder.

I did it.

No more cancer!

I beat it.

I’m so happy and thankful to the doctors for saving my life.
They’ve given me more time with my family, to watch my boys grow up.

Thanks to the ladies who replied back when I was at my worst.

For any woman going through this, distraction is the key. The waiting is torture buts its so worth it in the end.

You CAN do this :muscle:


This exactly what I needed to read today! I’m so so happy for you. I’m in the horrid waiting on staging area and I’m struggling. I’ve had 1 doc say one thing and another doc saying very little and leaving me in panic. I’m confused and scared.

The effect on mental health is dreadful.

This has given me some hope!


Snap, natbites! Stage 3C2 squamous cell cancer - finished treatment and given the all clear in late May. Waiting for follow-ups to check (they don’t just leave you to it after cancer treatment) but all is looking good. Glad to meet another person with the same stage who has got through it successfully. X


Hey Trinityrose,

I have had the same diagnosis and treatment plan as you! Finished my last brachytherapy on 16th December so should have my scans in the next 5 weeks …… the dreaded wait.

Well done for what you have overcome with having 2 very young children to care for. The treatment made me so sick that I had to stay in hospital accommodation for 6 weeks at The Christie’s and away from my beautiful 8yr old daughter who I’m also a single mum to. I sometimes think that was harder than the actual treatment itself.

I read your story and had a question regarding the lymph node involvement because I’ve seen another person say the same (it had no where to go) and she had stage 3c1 , too. Mine is in the Obturator lymph node. Do you know which one yours WAS in?? WAS being the operative word! Congratulations :partying_face: super mum! I’m only 30 and noticed you’re not too much older than me from your story. We got this…. And so has every other lovely lady on this thread. Treatment is tough but so worth it xx


Hi,im not too sure which lymph node it was in. Just said it was in a lymph node where it couldnt go anywhere :woman_shrugging:

Fingers crossed your scans come back all clear too :crossed_fingers:

Im now nearly 9 months NED. Its went passed so quickly.
A family member told me at the start of the journey that this will only be a little blip in your life and be a faded memory. If it werent for the 3 monthly checks etc that reminded me of everything i went through,i would say they were totally right!

Ive too much to live for :heart:


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