Hi I'm new.....

Hi there...

 Im Karen...aged 44 married to Neil with a lovely 5yr old daughter Lilliah.

On 20.12.12 was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1b1.....pencilled in for radical hysterectomy 17.01.13 pending MRI results)....had MRI to check if spread Xmas eve....called for another MRI new years eve as images were not clear enough?? Waiting to hear....

All still sinking in at moment.....feel like our world has been turned upside down Frown Trying to stay strong & positive.....but keep having the odd tilt xx 

New to this forum xxxxx

K x

Karen, So sorry you're facing this, especially over the festive period, that really stinks. Understand completely where you're at (see my history below) however I'd like to reassure you that there's a light at the end of that dark tunnel. Your staging is very early, and that is very good. In my experience they wouldn't stage before the MRI, and they insisted on lymph node removal (check for spread) too. My story so far has a happy ending and there are many more ladies on here, that although had to face harder treatment that me, are still here to tell their tale and reassure others that despite how you feel right now, in time you'll be looking back at this and wondering was it real, or was it a bad dream. Sounds like you have lots of support ar home, which is great, but I found the forum a fantastic support, it made me feel human to talk to other ladies who 100% understood my emotions. Use the forum as much as you need to. Seek out the many happy endings on here, and focus on finding your own. Cancer is a terrifying word, but it needn't be. I thought (assumed) I had a death sentence back in August, but come October I had the all clear and was beginning to start living beyond the nightmare. I can assure you of one thing, waiting for results is the worst time, once you have a treatment plan you'll be ready to fight and you will find the strength to do so. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you get good news very soon. Be strong, you're going to be ok. Lisagp x x x

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear your news, I know that feeling of having the rug pulled out from under you so well. Wobbles are allowed - staying strong and positive is good if that’s not too much of a stretch for you, but sometimes you need to express your fears. If you can’t do it at home, feel free to do it here. We all understand.

I’ve been through what has seemed like quite a drawn out diagnosis process, basically because I’m on the borderline for being suitable for surgery (i’m unusual apparently,whooppee). MRI scans are often not very clear, I think.

For me, diagnosis has been frustrating process and scary at times, but I have come to see each stage as helping my oncology team to get a more accurate picture of what the situation really is, which has helped us identify the best course of treatment for me.

I wish you all the best going forward and hope your uncertainty ends soon. We could be having surgery about the same time so keep in touch and we can compare notes! xxx

Hi Karen
Think we are living parallel lives at the moment… I’m 41 also married with a 5 yr old daughter Daisy. I was finally diagnosed with stage 1b2 on the 19th dec. the difference with me is that I’m not suitable for a hysterectomy and need chemo radiation and an op to check my lymph nodes. Got MRI and CT n 21 jan.

Just wanted to say that I’m with you on it all being terrifying and if you want to chat I would love to talk to someone in a similar position to me.

I really hope that MRI shows no changes to what they originally staged you… I think it’s wall the waiting which is the most scary…

Good luck
Love Kelly xxx

Hey all thank you so much for all your lovely posts so many ladies in such similar situations!! Let's all keep in touch and be as strong as we can & positive for each other!! Much love, K xx

Monkey22 & Starr938 I recommend you hook-up via Personal Messaging and share your journeys. I did this with a lovely lady I met on here, we had ops within a week of each other and I know it really helped me to share how I was feeling with her and vice versa. We exchanged phone numbers and kept in touch via text. It's good to know you're not alone and out there is a parallell family dealing with the same extreme mixtures of emotions.

Just a thought! I wish you both lots of love & luck and promise it gets easier,

Lisagp x