Hi there. Newbie here Just looking for a little comfort and reassurance. I'm 31 years old and suffer with health anxiety and have my whole life. I also have a severe case of white coat syndrome. I'm currently and have been receiving therapy for these issues. However, Ive never had a smear test because I (very foolishly) adopted the ostrich technique and just didn't feel like is be able to cope with it. Anyway... I recently got married and found out that I'm pregnant. It was a total shock and has sent my anxiety into meltdown! At 14 weeks, I started bleeding and very reluctantly went along to a and e. Lots of poking and prodding later, I was sent to gynae for an internal to check if my cervix was still closed. Thankfully it was however the doctor saw what she referred to as a very raw area on my cervix. She was doubtful it was anything to worry about but she referred me for a colposcopy for reassurance. Last Monday, I had this procedure done and the doctor took 2 biopsies as he said he had no previous infomation from past smear tests and he was inexperienced with the cervix of pregnant women. . He didnt say very much other than he'd seen abnormal cells but we needed to wait for the results of the biopsy to see if they are pre/cancerous. he told me that results would be 4 weeks but when my husband made him aware of my mental health issues, he said he'd mark it as urgent and see me as his last appoinent before the Christmas holidays, which is tomorrow.  As I'm sure you can imagine im totally going out of mind. My anxiety is in overdrive, I'm now almost 19 weeks pregnant and I feel like I'm cracking up!

Has anybody been through something similar or can anyone offer any comfort or even calming words?Thank you for reading and sorry for ranting!


Hi MrsFox1983, 

I haven't had a similar experience to you but I didn't want to read and run so to speak. 

I found reading other peoples experiences on here really reassuring. Try not to worry too much until you know what's what, I know that’s easier said than done. 

Good luck tomorrow xxx 







17th April - 1st Smear

29th April - Abnormal results - High grade dysk

30th May Colposcopy & LLETZ treatment 

23rd June - LLETZ results - CIN1, CIN2 & CIN3 plus HPV features

7th November - Follow up smear

3rd December - Results normal - discharged and follow up smear in 3 years

Thank you Katie for taking the time to reply to me. That's good advice.

Natalie x

Hello Mrs Fox :-)

Just popped by to say hello, and I am sorry to hear that medics make you so nervous. I am really pleased to hear that they are responding so positively to your needs by not keeping you hanging around unnecessarily. Do please let us know how you get on today. I am keeping my fingers double-crossed for you and hope to hear that everything is OK and you are feeling a bit calmer.

Lots of love



just wanted to give you a quick update. Went to consultant yesterday. He was brilliant with me and restored my faith a little in medical people. The biopsy came back all clear, no cc or cin so I am feeling very relieved and lucky. Just have to have a smear test 8 weeks after so give birth. I feel like I can finally start to look forward to the baby now.  This has however taught me a very valuable lesson about smear tests! I'll never miss another! This site has been such a key thing in hetting me through the past 6 weeks and I canot thank you ladies enough for what you do hear. You really are special. I wish you all the best of luck in life. Xx

Hi Mrs Fox

That's brilliant news! I am so happy to hear all is well. I'm also really pleased to hear that medical people aren't quite such the monsters you feared they might be, but especially I am so pleased you have learned the very valuable smear-test lesson.

Let us know how you get on with your little fox-cub :-)

Go well