First smear, colposcopy invite, major anxiety.

Hi there, 


I went for my first smear 3 weeks ago at 27 (I know, I should have went before). I have just received my results letter, on my 28th birthday, and I am HPV+ with severe dyskaryosis. I have been invited to a colposcopy on Thursday.

I suffer with depression and anxiety, which I am medicated for, but this is sending me into an anxiety overdrive. I could not sleep well last night and kept dreaming about having my colposcopy.


I have experienced bleeding after sex before, and I am sorry to be so crude, but I always put it down to the fact that I enjoy particularly rough sex. However now, of course, I am terrified it's something else. I also miscarried at 19  and have been scared ever since that there is something wrong with me.


I'm am a keyworker, so will have to go into work and explain all of this, to get time off for my appointment. Which of course, is also causing me stress. 


I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance, experiences, or perhaps really I just needed to vent. I hope that's okay.

Aimée x

Hi love, I have just gone through this also first smear at 29, I should of went sooner also. I got the same results as you and my heart sank, I had my colposcopy on thursday, I had LLETZ treatment there and then and a biopsy was taken. Now it's just a waiting game for these results now.... it's all the waiting and unknown that gets to me but all I can offer you is some support. Stay strong and dont worry too much  xx 

Thank you for your kind words. I hope you get your results soon and they're as good as they can be!

Yes, not knowing and waiting is the worst! My thoughts are with you xx


Thankyou for being a key worker helping to keep things going during this difficult time.  You have a right to privacy and confidentiality about your health conditions and you don't need to go into detail about why you need time off for a medical appointment. When my own problems started I simply told my immediate manager that I needed time off for a hospital appointment. If people started probing I think I might simply say it was for 'gynae' which should be enough to curb any inappropiate questions. The organisation I worked for meant I didn't need to tell my managers much at all, it was only when I was needing a lot of time off that I was then referred to occupational health and then I was communicating with a nurse who was very understanding and supportive of my problems. 


Thank you very much. I appreciate the time you've taken to reply, that's helpful. Xx

Hi Aimee sorry to hear that you are so worried about your results - and on your birthday too! I had the same experience if you look at my history; the protocol is to be seen quickly if you have hpv & high grade dyskariosis so that they can treat you quickly. It would perhaps be a good idea to phone the hospital to see if they are planning to treat the cells on the day of your appointment so that you know what to expect. Jo's helpline is also a good source of support.

Take care


Heya, thank you very much, I might do that, call the hospital and the helpline. 

I hope you are doing well now? Thanks again. 


Hi Aimee you're welcome!  Thank you for asking how I am.  I feel much better most of the time. Physically I have recovered well but I am still a bit confused about the discrepancy in my results but glad that the hospital are looking after me. I felt much better once I'd been to my fitst appointment because the staff were very kind & took good care of me. Sorry I couldn't put the accent on your name; I don't know how! Take care