Hi stupidly after 11 years of not having a smear I finally went and got a call back for a colposcopy , following. That and biopsies take. It was decided to have LLETZ procedure done under a general anaesetic 

that was last Tuesday ..todya I had a call from the consultants secretary ...he wants to see me on Friday ,I'm totally scared stiff ,surely there's only one reason they ring ? 

can anyone help , has anyone had the same 

please don't be worried of telling me I need to know 

thankyou for reading. 

Hey trace72

I didn't want to read and run. My situation was exactly like yours. Never had smear. Then finally had one, ended up with coloscopy then even lletz under GA. Two weeks later got call from receptionist to see doc. And yes it was early Cervical Cancer. 

It's very possible you are in the same situation. As easy as it is to say not to worry, try not to, Unfortunately until you actually talk with the doctor your not gonna know. But try to be positive. Even if it turns out that it is a CC diagnoses then at least it's been found now and you can get treatment. Try to keep your chin up. All could be fine. I shall check back on Friday if you'd like to update us. Fingers are crossed for you. Take care 

Big Hugs x


Sending big hugs, just wanted to say make sure you take someone with you, I wished I had because it can be hard to take in everything the consultant says.

please let us know how you get on.


Sarah x

Thankyou both 

I know deep down what in going to be told ,I  have all sorts of things running around my head ATM , I've already had thyroid cancer so to be potentially told I have CC is pretty scary 

I'll check back in tomorrow night to let you know