What next after bad LLETZ results?

Hi! This seems like a really nice supportive forum. I posted this in the Coloscopy forum but I think you ladies might have more experience and info for me....


I was called to the doctor's two weeks ago today because I had an abnormal smear. I went for a coloscopy and LLETZ last Monday and have just received a call saying I need to go to the hospital tomorrow.


I am guessing it's not good news! The doctor said last week that if everything was fine, I would just get a letter and need to go for a smear in 6 months. But this is obviously not the case.


Has anyone been through this? Does this mean I have CC or do I need another LLETZ or a cone biopsy to find out? I know the appointment is tomorrow but I would like to go with some idea about what to expect.

Hi there

So sorry you are in this horrible waiting game. 

It doesn't necessairly mean cancer when they call you back, it could be that they didn't have clear margins or found other types of cells and need to do more treatment. 

If it is cancer it could be a teeny, tiny amount which has already been removed as well.  I've seen lots of people posting with that expereince.  Whatever happens you are in the best place and the NHS moves at a crazy speed to get you all sorted.  Make sure you take someone with you, as, regardless of the outcome you'll probably have gotten yourself quite worked up beofrehand.  I know I did!

Let us know how you get on 




Thank you. I am just not relishing the prospect of a summer of procedures and sanitary towels :(


I am off camping next week, at a festival the week after and on holiday two weeks after that. I could do with my bits being back to normal sooner rather than later!!

Hi there,

my heart goes out to you really it does !! My story is exactley the same as yours had smear results seveverly abnormal then had LLETZ TREATMENT 31ST July.Today Im back at hospital they want to see me again ??? It is worrying I just want to get there today and face the music. I wish you all my best wishes good luck with your results.