Worried now :/

Hi everyone! I am new here. I had my Lletz on Monday 17th....today is Friday and I have got a call to say I have to go up to talk about my results. I am so scared now thinking that I do have CC...I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions but I can't help it. Anybody had this happen? Why were you called up? I can't keep crying over the unknown. Thanks in advance x


im sorry I can't offer any advice as im still waiting on my lletz res myself. I didn't jmust want to read and run, I'm sure there are ladies on here who have had a similar experience and can help you. I have read a few posts of women being called back because they need another lletz because the margins were not clear. this site is fantastic and I'm sure someone will be able to give you more advice than I can. xx

Hi Krissy

as the pp mentioned it could be as simple as them not getting clear margins(the tissue at the edges is still showing abnormalities) or it could be they found cancer. 

So... you have two choices.... 1. You could completely break down over something that is not definate and have the most horrible few days.   OR.   2. You could keep your chin up and try to move forward with your regular weekend and be as calm and collected as possible. 

Either way you have to wait to know for sure and either way there is nothing you can do about it as you don't know. 

I do however want you to know that either way it's going to be ok. And I mean that with everything I know. Treatment is treatment regardless of what it is for. No matter how hard it might seem you can get through it and you will find the strength you need. Give lots of hugs this weekend and enjoy!!!