Newbie waiting for results

hi ladies, i had a colposcopy and lletz treatment 5 days ago for high grade abnormal cells. I am now awaiting the results of the biopsy taken and although the consultant said she couldn't see anything too sinister she did say there was a lot of pre cancerous cells, I asked her outright if I have cc and her reply was you will have to wait for biopsy results for a definite answer. Which I totally understand, although that's started me into a whirl of worrying that cc is a possibility! I have 3 children 8, 4 & 2 and the thought of a cc diagnosis just sends my tummy into knots. am I being Over the top? Is a cc diagnosis possible with high grade abnormalities? Or is it just a case of abnormalities and no cc? Sorry for all the questions but id greatly appreciate anyone's sharing their experiences with me 

many thanks 

Kay :)

Hi Kay,

Sorry you've had to find us but these ladies are FAB!

I had LLETZ, Colposcopy & pelvic exam & like you had to wait for results which did confirm a very early cancer but luckily the LLETZ got it all, with clear margins & I'm now cancer free. Hopefully you're LLETZ got all yours too & if they're calling it precancerous that's good news :)

Clare xxx

Thank you for your reply, yes I said to my partner if there was any cancerous cells there they'd be so tiny that they weren't picked up during colposcopy, which would make me extremely lucky compared to some of the lovely ladies on here. I have found so much information out on here that has put me at so much ease already. I guess the main thing is to remain positive, I was just worried previously as I watched the whole procedure on screen and my cervix looked a bit of a mess as well but the reassurance from the consultant that she didn't see anything sinister is good. Fabulous to hear you are now cancer free, its amazing how these things can be treated so effectively.