I have not had a smear test in 17 years, went to see my nurse for heavy periods since having my 4th child 10 months ago. she suggested a test ffor infections which came back clear and a smear. had smear 20th Jan- didnt get results but a letter with an urgent referal to colcoscopy on 6th Jan, Appointment was for 19th jan. went to app was told cancer cells were shown on smear. did colcoscopy and leetz. she said she seen 3 lesions >20mm. she took 3 biopsies and said would ne in touch in two weeks. is this cancer- my heads in a whirl its been so quick and nothing has been explained??

I'm in the same situation I beat myself up every day for leaving my smear for 13 yrs I also have 4 children and I am so scared ! I have my colposcopy on the 25th feb I have cin3 and hpv